Discover the Swamp

Monsters have been adjusted to meet player levels, how about adjusting rewards accordingly too.

10 gems, R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

Zero motivation and oh, thankyou for allowing us to repeat it 5 times. 50 gems after hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of effort.:+1:

Ashame, I was looking forward to the new content.

And as for the holiday gifts, forward mine to a new player, if there are any, a common pack is completely useless to my party. Again, why not adjust based on our lvl.

Perhaps Ludia requires a visit from the 3 ghosts.

dont forget its 100 gems to reset the event to do it over lol.

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This needs to be addressed. @Keith @Ludia_Developers. Its a massive slap in the face to everyone who has been waiting a year for new content. I think this will be the straw that broke the camels back for many players


I agree. So far it’s been underwhelming. Also, what’s up with the 2 week timer for just episode 1+2, a bit too long no?

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For all the reasons mentioned above I’ve decided to not discover the swamp. Another lame PvE addition to the game, which is the equivalent of empty calories in terms of gamer satisfaction. No attempts at it = no stress or frustration. Avoid like Test of Might.


WOW, I was unaware of that.

100 gems and book of bravery (free challenge book) doesn’t apply is even weaker… at least in normal Explore there’s a random chance for for Purple or Red chest especially in the Final boss chapter. Gambling multiple 100 gem entries might be worth it if there was a chance for Red or purple chests…

@Mo_Young. I can only imagine that someone on the dev team thinks that the new content is compelling enough that we’ll burn gems over the course of two weeks so that we can take a few swings at the one new monster that they introduced and doesn’t even require any unique strategy to defeat.

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It baffles me as to why they ruin these great opportunities by simply being cheap.

Why not 15,000 coins or 500 gems, legendary packs as a daily holiday gift.

It’s once a year and people would feel appreciated and likely VIP sales would increase.

No one wants to invest in a game that is obviously cheap with its community.

3 ghosts are crooning…

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I’m hoping that this first event being 2 weeks long has to do with the holidays and Devs probably going on vacation during this 2 weeks. And hopefully the next event will be shorter time limit. Like a week to complete or something and better rewards. The graphic in the patch notes showed a purple chest at the end of one of the events. :crossed_fingers: after holidays are over the Swamp events will get better.

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I had an in game mail this morning saying 3-4 was now open. However it i still the same 1-2…not sure what gives, everyone else in guild is saying they dont have it either.