Discovered another bug


So started the battle with my stegoceratops against their stegodeus.

I used slowing impact

They used thagomizer

Then they got to go again and use shield…

That’s not correct… anyone else seen anything like this?


There are tons of bugs in the arena now.

My immune postrimedon has been slowed down twice.

My trago gets stun from rampage sometimes :joy:
Also my monostego got stun from nullifying.

My monostego did a slowing against another monostego (higher lvl) the other did stun which failed. Still he got to go first.
No slowing before that, just swapped it in.

My tany got full damage on a trago not accounting for the armour. When swapped in.

Shields last one turn less than it should og trago sometimes.

Damage calc is just so buggy it can not be used. It goes both ways, it claims the other should die and it doesn’t.
And my postrimedon, it claims the dino should live and it doesn’t.

Slow down doesnt work against other slowdowns even if you are faster.

And speed inducator is wrong on monostego, it says you are faster when you clearly are not.

Armour calc is sometimes wrong, not accounted for against non armour piercing attacks.

Maybe I should start record every match and document this, it makes me loose a lot of matches :scream:


Hey DPG members, our team would be glad to look into these battle issues and investigate so they could prevent them from happening again. If you reached out to our team here at with your support key and the details of what happened during your battles with those issues, our team could gather more information and investigate further.


Yes. Plus I stun my opponent, but they still go before I get my turn…


Refine with what dino you are talking about (opponent and your) because if your instant charge stun a faster dino it’s normal that it attacks you before in the next turn.


Also noticed bug with shields. Sometimes shield disappear after one turn, sometimes it look like it’s active 3 turns.

Also it seems like non stunning moves stun dinos.


I’ve noticed that too…

The last update they did more damage than good