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Discrepancies with patch notes

There are some move changes not mentioned in patch notes.
Please comment if I missed any.

-Crafty Strike does not dodge like patch notes said
-Nullifying Rampage now has cooldown 2 (Why?!)
-Shielded Decelerating strike now only slows for 1 turn
-Devastation is now precise

And the moves we didn’t know before:
-Tip the Scales: (Priority, cleanse team, nullify all opponents, cooldown 1)
-Refresh (Heal self x1, self speedup 10% for 2 turns, cooldown 2)
-Greater Thagomizer (Deal 2x damage, slow 2 turns, cooldown 2)
-Lesser Thagomizer (Deal 1x damage, slow 2 turns, cooldown 2)
-Group Takedown (Priority, cleanse team distraction, increase team damage 50% for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns. Cooldown 2, delay 1.)


Hey Dragonclaw927, I believe Crafty Strike only has a 75% chance at dodges. Some information might not have made it to the patch notes. However, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team here at Our team would be happy to try and provide more info.


@Ned but here it says nothing about it dodging at all

In game screenshot btw.
But thanks, I’ll test it out in battle and then ask support if that still doesn’t dodge.
Maybe it’s just a visual error


Interesting! I’ll inform our team. Thank you for the screenshot!

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@Ned I am on iPhone and can’t access the game, is it still updating?

Hmm. I’m almost sure my Orion has cd 1 on that.
I can confirm the rest is true

Same here lol

Well at least the description says cooldown 2 lol. But I haven’t field tested

-Definite Shield Advantage now has Delay 1
-Long Invincibility now lasts 3 turns/2 attacks, and has cooldown 3

Also I’ve battle tested Quetzorion, the 2 turn cd on null rampage and it’s inability to dodge are correct

-Resilient counter for some reason doesn’t cleanse distraction like all other resilient moves.

Come on it would’ve been really nice to know all these things beforehand

I’m livid. I did so much homework on crafty strike these last three days and boosted Quetzorion very high.

No report of the Nulifying rampage cool before hand.

Hope this is an error and it gets fixed.


Ok. Just realized both Null. Impact and Rampage have a 2-turn cooldown, which immensely sucks. It wasnt a problem before, why nerf that? Of all the other problems, that was chosen to be fixed even though nobody (Ive seen) complain about that?


Hope they fix it. That’s bad.

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So you :

a) Did a lot of research. Boosted Quetz, the update happened, and you got all the boosts returned to you. You are just hoping the outcome matches the notes.

b) Did a lot of research. Waited for the update. Ignored the warning to not boost dinosaurs until you see how they behave. Boosted the dino even after seeing it would not perform how you want. Are now asking for redress.

Just wondering.


Yea 2 CD on null hits hard, lost against a cloaked Erlidom on my magna bc I couldn’t nullify…

I didn’t read it. I just researched the move.

Firstly, I had him heavily boosted prior to this. He is my go to. So, he was ALWAYS going to get at least 20 boosts at level 25. If he wasn’t getting a nerf, or a buff, I wasn’t going to use all 25 like I did before, because his health was beyond effective. I planned to use that health elsewhere. However, seeing that he will be getting a dodge basic move inspired me to invest all the boosts in him I previously had.

Admittedly, I didn’t look at the moveset in game. I never have had a reason to think the patch notes aren’t reality. I don’t spend enough time reading through them. So yeah, it’s a fair complaint that the move isnt what it was listed as. Not every player follows everything…you know? Normal mistakes happen, and this was a well thought out mistake.

Since you were wondering. Good enough for you?

Have to get in invincibility.

Was on Magna

Hey @Ned any reason nullifying impact and rampage got nerfed to cool down of two? Wasn’t in patch notes and honestly don’t see it as that good a move to require two turn cool down. I mean especially the impact.


Stigydaryx is supposed to have swap-in Wound, but it has Swap-in Invincibility.