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Discrimination against lousier players

Ok, I do have some kind people as my friends but whenever I try to add someone as a friend, and if they are high level, they will probably refuse me! But some off us lousier players actually do know a lot about the game and although we can’t be of much help in raids, at least we can help you do some damage against the raid boss right? So please add us in as friends and if you have plenty of spaces, into our alliances. We will do our best in any raid and in any alliance!

Well bear in mind that if the friend’s list gets too large it gets extremely buggy, so if you’re being refused it doesn’t necessarily mean the player you’ve sent the request to thinks you’re too low level.


well , unless you have a good team of uniques or possibly legendaries, you won’t be able to scratch damage in raids, maybe that’s why they won’t accept

And most players, including myself, simply do not accept any request from players they do not know.

I mean, what am I supposed to do with people in my friendslist that I dont know? Do friendly battles? Doing raids without knowing if you will follow the strategy?


Agreed. I only accept friends from fellow Alliance members. Not because I’m being nasty to anyone but because I want to know who my friends in the game are.


Before me I accept a lot but sometimes when I see we are going to loose, and I demand to stop Raid and we restart. They refuse and keep u hostage, even when left just not fair-play

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Theirs raid channels on discord to join
All these channels have dedicated raid chanels





I see this often enough but sometimes when players want to surrender there is still a chance of winning.

I never accept a random invitation. I do many raids every day and have no time to lose with randos and not going into a raid with an established strategy. What’s more it’s not efficient to raid outside of your alliance for weekly missions. We do carry lower level players that are in the alliance though, as long as they are active in the weekly missions.

Not sure the context but if a lower player adds me, I will usually reject because I dunno the player and usually am not sure what the point of the add is.

To help in raids is quite trouble, strats differ from alliance to alliance so without an clear strat, most Apex Raids will fail.