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Discrimination between iTunes price and Play store


A friend is playing on Android while I play on iPhone. For the new lunar incubator, there is 20% higher price being charged in my game. This is discrimination and anticompetitive. We should all be charged the same thing for incubators.


what if its because of apple??


Yeah I doubt that’s ludia’s fault. Probably Apple’s company decision for some reason. That does suck though, I have an iPhone too. :confused:


Have any screenshots of this? My son plays on an iPhone and I’m Android. We have the exact same price…which is still way to expensive, but still. Also, are you both playing in the same country with the same currency?


Also, are you the same level? Incubator prices increase with level…


I have a feeling this is the most likely the case… higher the level the more stuff is in the inc and it costs more because of the added dna and coins.


We are both level 20 and playing in South Africa


Can confirm a price difference here in Switzerland too. iOS is less than android. About 5 $ for the big lunar incubator.