Discussion: Common Dinosaurs that can't hybrid


Hi everyone, I wish to ask how do you feel about common dinosaurs that do not have a Hybridization future. Do you still level them up? If so, why? And to what level?

As we all feel the struggle of lack of coins I feel that common dinosaurs or even rares that do not have a hybrid future just aren’t attractive enough.


I for one level up everything. But then I have a bunch of coins from one time offers that don’t go down very quickly as I’m in a rural location and naff all spawns round here to use that many haha.


I only see the hybrids as potential for a top-kick arena murder squad. As for non-hybrid commons, I look at it this way - what other game out there allows you to collect and learn about new dino species? Thanks to this game, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking their real-life counterparts up on Wikipedia.


I level them up when I am close to gaining a level and as for how high it depends on the coin cost I have no problem dropping about 1-2k coins but then after that I wait and think if I truly need the exp lol


I just collect the DNA . No one ever said that the non hybrid commons were ever gonna stay that way. Level them up if a useful dino and save DNA for future hybrid adds.



I’m guessing top-kick area murder squad means
Really good Dino’s for attacking in the area and winning? :joy:


Yeah. In most cases, hybrids like Einiosuchus have 4 abilities that can be used effectively in tanking. This allows you to have rares or commons that are quick-strike killers to mop up after the hybrids whittle the opponents down to a manageable hp level.

I never totally rely on the hybrids for attacking, but they were never intended for that purpose. Except for the Indominus. That one’s a killer.


I always collect Dino DNA. Even if it’s a common one. If you want to level up faster you’ll need to evolve them getting you XP = LVL ^


i level them up to level 10 and stop. there is always the chance they could be part of a future hybrid and you usually only need them to be level 10 the create the hybrid. so just save the excess DNA so you can use it in the hybrid. unless you have them on your battle team, then i guess make them as high as you can.

rare exception is if i want to get some XP because I’m close to leveling up and getting the one-time offer i will sometimes level them past 10.


So level 10 huh. I’m struggling for coins atm but I do notice that the commons that have sometimes better stats. Like Tarbo has a default of 40% crit chance. That’s like huge.