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Discussion Weekend Raids or Tournament

What you think about the new Weekend Apex raids? For me it has to be a decission, do I raid them or do i play tournament? Like many people here i dont have time to play whole weekend a smartphone game cause my time is more worse spending with my family and kids.

So in the end i will stop playing tournamnet after my 10kills to be able to raid the new apex bosses, or perhaps will not be able to raid them in total…

whats your opinion?

I think this could be a good opportunity for the heavyweight raiders in an alliance to refuse to help others with raids until they have their 10 takedowns done!

If you’re not helping multiple groups with raids, then an Apex raid should take about 30 minutes of your day, and that’s including the time spent getting a group together. There’s still time to do the tourney.

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30min for finding a group and take down an apex, thats a raff timer, gorgo for exaple often took about 1h with multible trys

I’ll raid and play tourney while watching tv in the evening. It’s become a habit that’s hard to break if I’m honest. With the European Championship football starting today I’ll be battling and raiding while watching every game!
I have three accounts so it’s all good.

However if I wasn’t retired I would never manage to hold down three accounts, and I can see the issues for those with young families. The ten takedowns shouldn’t be a problem, but progressing could be a problem if you also have to fit a couple of raids in too. Still, once a strat is fixed in place the 15 minutes shouldn’t be an issue.

I dont mind it. I typically dot start tournaments till the next day anyway.

On weekends with skill tournaments would do that one raid then focus on tournament.

I’m more worried that weekend raids would brake the game. Heavy raiders would constantly sending invites to their friends. This would cause battles bugging out and likely impossible to play at all.