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Discussions of the real problems not okay?

Both of my topics have been deleted in 24 hours.

Why don’t L want to discus the real problems of the game?

I don’t see what’s the problem.

Post 1:

Post 2:

The first one was from an old topic that came up again. The second one more than likely got derailed and devolved into nasty arguments. The Mods don’t really like either of those.

But old topics is a great way to see HOW the game developed over time?

Better then making new topics every time?

And if some other people derail the topic, why just don’t delete those messages instead?

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I get what you’re saying about bringing up old topics again. I don’t mind it.
But for those who derail the topics, it’s easier to close the topic rather than continuously flagging and deleting posts.

I see it as HUGLEY DISRESPECTFUL when writers and people have put their time and effort to bring up good ideas and perspective.

Their are great members in this forum.

Those threads were not deleted. They were just closed/locked. They still exist and can be read, but there are current threads discussing similar topics, so the mods didn’t see a need to clutter the forum with thread bumps from long ago.

New threads = new clicks.

Are we still beating this dead horse?


Ludia just doesn’t accept critism. Which is a really bad thing, you need to learn to take it otherwise you and your company will fall short. I once directly told them I’m sick of boosts, the rat, procera and the pay to win trash. Their money hungry, and their like “we want balance” even tho boosts aren’t balance! Hopefully boosts 2.0 kind of fix it. And now even tho their games dying and not as good as it used to be, they care more about locking old posts that weren’t even brought up, and they lock every I quit post on sight because they just can’t accept their killing their own game. I want to grab all 6 infinity stones, snap my fingers to save the game. Remove boosts, nerf the rat into the ground, remove pay to win, and give us that missed Tenontorex dna. I can’t beilive they like to think that the rat is fine, boosts are fine but 50 Tenontorex dna isn’t? Tenontorex is very good but it’s not broken, it never was.


No they weren’t lmao. Learn what deleted means.

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I have played since summer 2018.

I have ALWAYS wondered why they don’t use better ways to claim more :heavy_dollar_sign:. This JWA community was GREAT in the beginning, but have loosing more and more players. I think it has with greed to do.

But people wanted to spend on the game! For sure!
I have been there aswell.

Don’t bother man. I’ve created a poll where the outcome was that the rat is the most hated dino of the game with 55% of all votes. Endless topics have been made how much people hate it over the months, but all we got was a lousy nerf that makes absolutely no difference. Ludia claims they listen to their fan base but they are extremely picky when it comes to that. Only what they also see that needs changing and is confirmed by the community gets addressed. Complaining is futile.

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