Disfunctional Daryx

I’ve put off making it for the reasons you listed, good post

I like the idea of the two different Darwin hybrids, I just wish either of them were solid players

In my mind this is how I think they should be reworked:

Instant Pinning Strike
Nullifying Impact
Lethal Swoop
SIA Wound

Superiority Strike
Shield Advantage
Instant Charge
Cleansing Swoop
SIA Invincibility

That way each darwin hybrid has a different Swoop suited to its kit, and they have a more viable set overall. Vexus can swap into dinos with while it’s on delay to bleed them, then hit them with instant pin to KO, and be able to Swoop for some real damage.

Daryx with shield advantage would allow it to still be defensive while now being able to get through some armor if needed. Instant Charge would be an improvement over instant invincibility, since IMO it doesn’t need it when it can just cleanse and come back with the swap in.

What do you guys think of my take on their revamps?


I remember Darwin having cleansing impact a while ago, which is probably where cleansing swoop came from. Even though Darwin’s moveset changed later, I guess the move stuck.
So cleansing is another ability Daryx could “inherit”, I guess.

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Perhaps swoop is inherently inconvenient: it does little damage over a stretch, and leaves your next dino open to take damage. It could be made better by increasing the damage output, or tying in other existing abilities, like stunning the opponent while swapping out, etc.
Or you could implement something new, since practically all of the existing solutions seem to have been suggested already. I’ve suggested a similar mechanic before in relation to Troodon/Compsognathus, but how about a priority move, kinda like immobilise, that pins for 2 turns but instead of stunning it increases the effectiveness of all debuffs to twice(or 1.5x) as much, for say, 2 turns.

This would mean that all bleed damage, distraction and slowing percentages (and maybe even stun chances) would be multiplied by the decided factor.
I don’t know what it would be called, but you could go along the lines of Daryx’s description, like how @Raven came up with “Sky Tomahawk”. Something like “Head Trauma” or “Aim for the head”.

Used with a good bleeding move, this would do a devastating amount of damage, while potentially helping any swap-in abilities that may be lined up.
So how about this for a moveset:

Shielded decelerating strike
Aim for the head (cooldown 2)
Lethal wound
Lethal/Cleansing swoop/open to suggestions

Or a debuff multiplier could be added to an existing wounding move, and this modified move could be used with Cleansing swoop, more to the taste of certain Daryx users who might want to keep swapping, since the above moveset is very 1v1.

Thoughts ?

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That’s very interesting actually and pretty unique. It sounds really good, will add it to the list

how about a battle with this team:

stygidaryx, dracoceratops, paramoloch, pterovexus.

or maybe edmontoguanodon in place of some above.

swap fiesta? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You laugh at this idea but I faced a lvl 28 edmonto, lvl 27 rat a few days ago and it was pretty effective. If you get them in the right order it could be extremely strong especially when the SI stun lands again and again. Cleansing swoop into a stun, regen and run into rat would be crazy


Superiority Strike
Lethal Wound
Cleansing Swoop
Long Protection
Swap in Wound
And a Damage buff.

That turned out to be really long, so to summarise, I’m suggesting a priority move that temporarily buffs all debuffs, by a particular factor, say 2.

Under it’s effect:
Lethal wound would do 0.66x the opponent’s health per turn, swap-in wound would do 0.5x, and swoop would do 0.4x.
All 50% distracting moves would distract by 100%, 90% by 180% and 75% by 150% (meaning even ferocious strike wouldn’t help much, if at all).
All 50% slowing moves would slow by 100%, reducing the opponent’s speed to zero.
A vulnerable opponent would take 100% extra damage.
And finally all stuns would be guaranteed, a good time to use swap-in-stun to help with bleed damage.

But only for the two turns that the ability is active. It has the added benefit of pinning the opponent for 2 turns, meaning if it can’t cleanse, it’s pretty much doomed.