Disgusted by changes to Dino Abilities

Speaking of changes, what do you guys think of Sarcorixis now ? The fact that it has ferocious impact in combination with a buff to practically all of its stats, means it has good turn-one damage, without losing its stunning move. Immobilise is useful as always, making for some interesting combos.
Also, a giant crocodile having ferocious impact just makes sense.
The abundance of Einia DNA means it should be quite easily levellable (is that a new word?) too.

I’ve already been in 4 matches today where they tried to draco my tryko and tragod and it ended horribly for them. Really sucks when you cant depend on your 1 trick pony to 1 shot everything now.


I like that term.


I have absolutely zero sympathy with anyone who feels their rat has been nerfed . It’s a revolting Dino that should never have been given such an op move . And the fact that Ludia have buffed it in this update is farcical as most apex dinos don’t have shields or armour .
As for the dodgers , I feel just the same as it’s plain daft to battle against a Dino that takes no damage 3x in a row so this is an excellent idea in the 1.8 update .


Some of the changes seem to be broken and really decimate the usability of certain dinos. If you put points into a low health dino (because it’s consistently a one shot, dead) that has evade, the points were wasted and it’s back to being an ineffective dino. Procerathomimus is one example; it had limited usability, the boosts helped somewhat… didn’t make it a contender by any means, just functional. Now that evade is basically a percentage based distraction, the points invested have been wasted.

If you’re going to repeatedly alter the stats and capabilities, you should refund the points invested into the affected dinos. Not everyone boosted OP dinos, so that’s a non debatable and dead issue. Seems to be another tactic as utilized by other gaming Co’s that attempt to force Pay to Play. Those who drop cash on a skill based games are often the ones who chastise the players who focus on skill and champion the alterations others aren’t willing to pay for.


its far easier to use evade and be 1 hit killed wasting a turn than it is to even get 2 dodges in a row, i think i’ve gotten 4 dodges like 1 once playing this game and it was a miracle. having no dinos with nullification on your team seems like a personal problem. nullification has many uses: it removes damage boosts, shield, evasion, and stealth


Complaining cause their RNG and DC got nerfed.
Too bad there wasn’t a place where you could’ve been warned against those decisions. A place where people who play the game gather to discuss it? A group of JWA players?
A. . . Forum? :joy:


Not willing to put any nullification dinos on my team is not what I said. I have them, and I now how to counter dodge.

The problem what I and many others had with dodge was that no dino should even have the littlest chance to avoid taking damage because of a friendly roll on dodge for example 3 or more times in a row. I am also not saying that the current change to dodge is the best possible change I could think of, but atleast its something.

Back in the day I was in a number of matches where my nullify dinosaur weren’t selected for the match (once again due to RNG), im up 2 - 0 and then they brought out Invincibility Emu Monomimus (that term I coined should give an idea of the scale of this problem) and it proceeded to dodge 9 times in the same match, and they went on to win because obviously they never swap it out when its not dying, and because I cant hit them, and therefore cannot get my last kill, I lost!

And that wasn’t a one off either, these days its generally 3-6 dodges on Indo or Angretta (Procera).

Good change!

Oh and this is coming from someone who till uses Indo and Indom on main team! So im directly affected by the change also!

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Limu Emuuu…
and Stiffeno

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Dodge percentage is 50 percent, not 1 in 9 ( 99.8 percent) ! :joy:

disgusted is a strong word :slight_smile:

If dodge is so op, I would imagine people telling others to use it and not thor and you know the usual?

Oh so you can use counters thank god for that, I thought you couldn’t. Wish you could have done the same against dodgers…

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Thank all those that incessantly complained and griped that their dinos are being unfairly slaughtered by a cloaked Indom. It is because of them that we are having to deal with this consequence. So give them a round of applause because they got what they wanted.

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Tryko and Dilor actually do require smart play and prediction to be at their most effective. Thor however…

You are acting like this only affect you personally. Every single player in this game underwent the exact same dodge nerf so its fair.
I have a 28 Indoraptor so I too have invested into dodging dinosaurs, and have taken Indominus over 20 (ready for 24 now) so im also affected.

As I said earlier, RNG should play a PART of matches to keep things from being stale, RNG should NOT completely alter the course of a game and change its outcome!
You have any idea how hard it is to recover in a match where the game didnt give you any of your dinosaurs that can remove dodge (once again due to RNG selecting your team) and the enemy dodges 6 or even 9 times? the whole time hitting your dinosaurs with their attacks?
Its was literally invulnerability for 6 turns.

Ok take this for example -
You have 4 dinosaurs on your team with nullify that can remove dodge. You queue up for a match and the game random selects your team, you enter the match and not a single one of your null dinosaurs was chosen. They bring out Indo and go evasive and proceed to dodge EVERYTHING, all the while smashing you with big hits and crits.
Tell me, how do you kill it? Ill wait!

I think ive said enough.

How do you even make the battle last so long that they dodge 6-9 times? I have recovered and won a lot of battles when situation has been 2-0.

Bleed it… Put something that has a counter attack so you have more chances to hit trough, once its hp is low enough you can use rat to kill it. I don’t use stunners myself, but I guess you could use them too. If you put all your time and effort and coins in things that just hit hard, that’s on you.

Why all of that was so hard for you to figure out I don’t know. Maybe you are so use to pressing a button and hitting hard so no need for skill or tactics or thinking.

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Because I swap to a different dinosaur to try and avoid the loss and start falling behind. But eventually you run out of dinosaurs as they kill them all.

And Indo can cleanse a bleed and Procera and Monomimus are immune to them. And stuns are also useless against most dodgers as they are immune to them. Plus stuns are pointless if no damage is getting through, all it does is allow them more time to get their big hits off cool down.

Unnecessary stunning is actually counter productive!

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. If your creature is dying why on earth would you swap and take a hit with another, just let it die. Now I don’t know how bad things are in the highest arenas, so could be different. I do have at least one friend who I think is pretty high in arena and he doesn’t understand people swapping in that situation either.

Well again all you have to do is think. Use bleed after they have used cleanse. Procera and monomimus have so low hp that they aren’t really the problem here, are people even using monomimus? The point of the stun is that they are stunned when their dodge goes off, so you are sure to get a hit. Again I don’t have stunners, but I’m assuming this is how it would be done.