Disgusted by changes to Dino Abilities

I use Monomimus as example because it was notorious for dodging 6 times in a match or more.

Also you cant sacrifice every Dino you bring in to try and beat the dodger, 3 loses and you lose. I would generally take the loss if I could afford to, like if up 2 - 0, but eventually the longer your unable to kill the dodger due to not being able to hit it, the more dinosaurs you are going to lose.

Remember that every time you miss them they are hitting you back with their turn, they aren’t sitting there doing nothing the whole time giving you free pops at them, they are killing your dinosaurs at the same time!

I have never been in that kind of a situation and I can’t even understand how you can get in one. You have worse luck than me.

More power to you because I seen 6 dodges pretty often in the first few months playing alone, its why I call Monomis Invincibility Emu, also called it MonoMissandMiss for the same reason.

The situations with constant dodging were common enough and match changing enough to coin phrases lol, you are lucky you weren’t in them but many players remember it.

Watch this video I made during patch 1.7 to give you an idea!

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The change to the dodges was just a logical step. Before 1.8 everyone was complaining why his/her indoraptor was affected by distraction, or got stunned, even if it dodged the attack. So now they dodge, take a bit of damage and that’s it.
Maybe Ludia will tweak it a bit more, by giving the dodge a chance to avoid getting hit by 10% or something like this.

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Didn’t see anything wrong in the video. You were just lucky, it happens.


You don’t see a problem with the fact that they lost because I got luck and none of their nullify dinosaurs were selected?

I was unkillable for like 5 turns lol

No I don’t.


If that video alone didnt show you why dodge needed to be changed then I think you just straight up love having luck swing matches. I should not have won that match.

No matter how much skill or strategy that other player used, if he couldn’t kill my dodger he had no chance!

RNG and luck should not swing matches that much!

Edit: I think it was 7 dodges in one match, 5 from Monomimus alone.

No I don’t, but if someone is luckier than me so what, life isn’t fair. Luck is a huge part of everything. What team up you get is all luck. Criticals are all luck. What you get from incubators is all luck.

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You want to take luck and rng away?

Alright let’s do it. Instead of having 8 creatures in your team you only need 4 now. No criticals. No incubators or only incubators that you know for sure what you get. Scents only give you certain creatures so you know exactly what you will get.

You sure you want that, is that fun?

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This is a battling game not real life, so yes it MUST be fair!

Crititcals can change an outcome, like either losing the match if no crit or winning if its crits, I can live with that. What I will not live with is someone making the game unwinnable because I cant hit them.

Great change!

How is that crit different from dodge? Both are luck based and both can decide who is going to win, if you crit you win if you don’t you lose. If you dodge you win if you don’t you lose. What’s the difference?

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Because that crit happens once and if its a game changing attack it was at the end of the match anyway. A crit here and there won’t swing the match from 2 - 0 to 3 - 2 due to not being able to get your last kill!

I guess you have never battled against thor then. Lucky you.

So you have no problem with thors that crit every turn?

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I mean you do know that thor has 40% chance to get a crit the whole battle right? Dodge lasts for 3 turns and then you have to waste a turn to try it again.

Should thor lose some of its hp everytime it gets a critical?

I agree Thor is a problem and have even suggested changing its crit chance from 40% down to 20% like Allosino its made from.

Also last week I suffered my first and only ever flawless LOSS, the match went like this -

  1. I open with Indo and go evasive stance
  2. Thor one shots Indo through evasion with an Impact crit
  3. I bring out Indom and cloak
  4. Thor one shots Indom through cloak with DSR crit
  5. I bring out I Edmontoguanodon
  6. Thor stuns it with IC and then kills Edmonto with DSR

Didnt get off any damage!

And that has only happened once? You are very lucky.

I don’t know if you play any other games, but I do. Luck is a huge part of them. I might have to grind to get that one item and someone gets it in their first try. And they might even get that item 10 times before I finally get one. Should that be changed? No it shouldn’t.

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Oh ive lost plenty of times 3 - 0 due to Thor sweeping my team, I meant it was my only 3 - 0 loss when I wasn’t able to do any damage. In the other losses I got a few attacks off.

So like I said you are very lucky.