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Disgusted by the Arena

Matchmaking isn’t the only problem… Not even the main problem… Boosts are the main problem. And the way people are using them… So freaking tired of facing opponents with most of their boosts focused on just a few creatures… I guess that’s what they call “strategy” now… And the worst thing is that I find myself obligated to be a part of this, or else I’m screwed.

Let’s see,
-Put all speed boosts on two fast creatures
-Put most HP boosts on tanks, especially Maxima, Gemini and Tryko
-Put most attack boosts on Thors, Erlidos, Orions… Things already stupidly strong
-And of course, put a little of everything on one or both Indos, especially Indo2

And that sums up 90% of the teams in the Arena. Congratulations, you’re a strategic genius!

Basically we’re maximizing the best of each creature, which is “normal” today, and maybe having one or more unboosted “sacrificial lambs”… When my opponent’s first dino is an unboosted tank I say “Oh crap”… because I know he’s got some stupid freaks ready…

After finally getting two of my creatures at speed 150 or more (needed to, because of those “TRexes faster than a Velociraptor” out there, right??) I planned on start improving the speed of other creatures, but now I fight so many at speed 158, 160, that I’m feeling the need of keep speeding up the same of mine, which I believe is happening to many players and creating the terrible pattern we have in the arena… if this game dies, I’m sure this kind of crap is what’s gonna be responsible for killing it.

Sorry for the vent, but it’s just frustrating.


This is a good representation of what’s happening.
I’ll admit, most of what boosts i used ( 98% of them) are on 2 dinos. I did it because i was constantly facing these monster whatevers (erlidoms, etc.) so i put the majority of my boosts into the counters, contributing to the problem. I’m now stuck with those two unless i’m willing to take the penalty of a refund.


10 char


I am so bored with battles at this point. I do work because I love and want to help my alliance. But work is the proper word at this point. It is not fun. I am so bored with my team but I tried running some other dinos, even unboosted to mix it up… it doesn’t help. I find myself getting demolished but only losing like 15 trophies because my team strength is lower. So the competition doesn’t really normalize. 1:13 will be Ludia’s last chance to rejuvenate the game or I am done. What I expect is more FIP exclusives and Armor boosts or something equally stupid. Ah well, it was a fun game for a while.


Excellent point Arnold! While I still enjoy this game, there are repetitive elements that are slowly decaying the fondness I hold. Although my expectations aren’t very high, I just hope that the next update brings some much needed change this game so desperately needs.


That describes pretty much my team. Got unboosted Carnotarkus that I tend to send out. Opponent sends Erlidom. I rampage then throw Kapro over it. Then prepare either Erlidom or Erlikospyx (main damage dealers) or bring mountain of Smaxima (T10 HP).

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Sadly its true. Eventhough I’m not using boosts its really boring to battle these days. Erli starts, when its down, nitro Thor checks in. When Indo g2 starts, Erli or Tryko follow. Appreciate every Sucho, Tuora, Phorusaura that I see that breaks monotony of battles.


Boosting isn’t as simple as that.
Fast magna is too fast.
Still getting outsped by speedsters, not enough tankage or damage to survive tanks.
Maxima is one boost slower than opponents Maxima.
Speed boost.

What you are describing is stage one of the boost game.
It gets better. The perfect build is always evolving and everyone is constantly tuning.
The boost game is a game all it’s own.


It’s not a game it’s a war. And too many are getting slaughtered in this war. I used to battle 30 a day easily. Nowadays I do what’s needed for my dbi and the rest I get trough striketowers or tournament. That’s it… absolutely hate the Arena atm. Rather be in aviary than library with full lvl 30 teams with every single creature faster & stronger than my fasted and strongest (and average 25).


But didn’t Ludia say boosts will be a fun part of the game :wink:


Baring some sort of change, the future of the game will be all level 30’s all max boosted as the standard. Where I’m currently at, It currently all comes down to how you boost. Some Dino’s are easier to boost than others. For example max health Dio and Tryko may not be perfect, but they are good enough and don’t require much tweaking. I’m having a hard time finding a perfect or even “Good enough” Magna build.
I’m just leaving psycho lizard alone. I find the whole aspect fascinating. I have folders of different opponents builds studying them trying to figure out what they are doing right, wrong, and how to compete with half the time and resources.
For some, boosts really are the best part of the game.
I’ve done more thinking now than ever before.
Granted it’s the minority, but over time more and more people will hit the L30/Max boost ceiling and have to make their teams their own.


I’m having so much trouble with Mags as well. For a while it was all about attack, but it seems people are putting speed back in it again. I feel like I’m one step behind the boost meta haha. I’m just now going more attack on things, just for it to turn into a speed race again. I can do minor tuning, but I’m done with the full rebuilds.


I am burned out to the point I do not play the game like I used to. Arena is the same old crap without deviation. Hunting for dinosaurs for DNA is a bore to me. The game used to be enjoyable this is not the case anymore.


I have average luck on my main account, thanks to my attempt to keep my team somewhat balanced boost-wise. This means that my fastest creatures are only 136 speed right now until I save up enough earned HC to go higher. My second account has more speedsters (only up to 134), but since it’s always stuck in high Aviary my luck is worse so I seldom battle on that account.

I really wonder how much longer this game will be around with this P2W boost system. I know this much, when it dies I’m done with AR games. I don’t need to waste any more of my life doing hours of grinding every day (looking at you, PoGo!).


Here’s my take on the “one or two” mega boosted issue; granted this may not apply at all levels. People just want to get their incs in a timely manner, so they take out some of their A team and try out an unboosted dino or two. If they loose a couple, great(!) because then they can swap back in their other boosteds and win the next few easily.

Also, most people I battle don’t have 2-10 minutes to spare each and every time they queue for a match so we’ll purposely stay out of the beach for most the season so that we can get our 12 battles in without wasting hours of our life. It’s not great then, of course, for those who are just got to Gyro and get matched with a “dropper” but that’s the reality of the situation. Hopefully whatever “fixes” Ludia just teased can ease some of this bottlenecking soon because it sucks the fun out of the game who are affected.


There is no way of doing boosts that doesn’t destroy the balance of the arena. It was a stupid idea initially, and hasn’t got any better in any of the 3 iterations.

Games die when people get bored of them. Plenty of people don’t do tournaments because of boosts. Plenty of people don’t do arena because of boost and matchmaking. All that is left is hunting dino and how long will that sustain? Get the dinodex and you are done. No point levelling up if you don’t battle.

I know its only a game and all that, but it really winds me up how self inflicted this all is.


So where are players supposed to put Boosts?

I just checked and I have 10,770 unused Boosts, all from being F2P. If my desired battle team averages level 26, I could max out 4 creatures and still have Boosts left over.

Am I supposed to evenly apply Boosts to all 8 members of my team? If so, it still won’t take long before all 8 are maxed and much quicker if I paid for some.

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I fully agree with Jeff Moog on this.

Before boosts we had an arena that offered balance, albeit in the early days it was somewhat repetitive as there weren’t really many dinos to choose from. But when you played and lost you felt it was kind of fair and you tweaked your team accordingly.

Then along came boosts and what a disaster they were!

All change within weeks, reset and reduce the speed boosts value a bit. But sadly land us with the ridiculously op rat and of course everyone was into building up their team to counter it.

Then later down the line another reset and the value of boosts was dramatically reduced, they became linear and because the cost was so high, no one dared take them off their current dinos and we get the repetitive crap we have today.

Of course players will use tanks like the dentist and Gemini in order that they can overboost other dinos. Who wouldn’t? Once you’ve been out sped by a super speedy Erlidom a few times you’ll speed yours up to keep up. Cloak will only work 2 out of 3 turns and plenty of dinos hit through it anyway. And Magna will need speed as it doesn’t have health, so what else would you expect?

And to replace the rat we now have the ridiculous CS from IndoR gen2, a move that must have been produced by the same person who developed the swap in DSR that ruined the game with the rat. No one in their right mind would have come up with this unless they had an idea that selling boosts every day may be round the corner… Oh hang on…


I vented last week about how garbage the arena’s are becoming. I touched on only a portion of things bothering me in this game recently. As much as I thought I liked boosts in the beginning…boost truly are what’s killing the game.


Ahh the boost arms race, with Lydia selling to both sides lol.

Then players find their spec isn’t the best so reset and lose half their boosts.

But unfortunately “Money talks, and players walk!”