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Disgusted by the Arena

Even though I play a huge variety of creatures, other players coming up aren’t playing the newer creatures. It is generally the same old easy to make creatures except for the hot OP Ingo G2. Echo is one of the hot asked for DNA in my alliance. How long did it take and how many posts to get the rat nerfed? How long will Income-raptor be the rat of the arena till it gets a nerf? Probably when they come up with and create the next monster. I’m just working on filling my dino-dex and getting more creatures up to 20. This way, what ever they nerf or what ever they buff, I’ll have it.

My fun team for the day till I get my 10 takedowns for my next DBI mission:
My Team 20200310
Rhino, bird, cat, turtle
Baja, snake, crock, badger


Crutches and fodders alive.


Soon everyone will want virus booster shots too lol, maybe my joke away back about boosting urself wasn’t so far off the mark! lol

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Kudos for one of the more rational vents on this :+1:

Personally I think as a concept boosts are a good thing; mixing it up a bit … I think things would have got stale and they have added variety … speed boosts are the problem … they have driven a garbage truck through the one element that balanced the game … remove speed, even if you added armour and crit boosts and I think we would be back on track.


Stage one? I’m in Gyrosphere and this has been happening since boosts were first introduced when I was in lower Aviary eleven months ago. And although the last changes have made boosts way better, it made what I said worse, because any tier of boost has become too valuable (expensive) to risk spending them unwisely… so most players go for similar game plans.

So, in general, it is as simple as that. What you’re describing are small differences in boosting that yes, can make a difference in a battle outcome. And of course, there are always those that boost the hell up the speed of a chomper, which also makes some difference. But that doesn’t change the main picture, unfortunately.


This is extremely accurate. LOL


Like this is completely accurate. Although sometimes those erlidoms and Thor’s are replaced by boosted indoraptors, uthasinos and allosinos. It just ridiculous so in turn then we have to use the same Dino to counter this Dino so basically there is no variety cause your stuck using the same creatures and again this is boosts fault entirely

BuT wE hAd ThIs bEfoRe RiGht no?

Yes and no; yes we had the tops using the same creatures but that was almost an entire year ago the pool of uniques and legendaries and epics has grown a lot

For example in 1.5 there were only 10 uniques, 16 legendaries, and 4 epic hybrids

As of 1.12 There are now 20 unique, 39 legendary, and 15 epic hybrids

There is now way more variety now there is now no excuse to use the same creatures oh wait there is BOOSTS! basically locking your creatures in place unable to switch them out or test new ones out freely without serious consciences

Like how many of you have seen a variation of these team

  • Yes
  • No
  • Kinda of

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So ya I’m with you as well @Arnold I’m just gonna battle when I have to for DBI and or strike other than that my Dino’s are getting a break

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Like boosts allow my lvl 24 erlidom to be beat by a one speed higher sinoraptor that is just idiotic and ridiculous

You know everyone need that 132 speed Rex that’s what boosts are for an I right :joy:

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I am with you @Arnold. I no longer play arena unless I absoltuely need DBI to help the alliance. Other than that it’s just a potty show I would rather avoid.

I hope that makes it past the censors.

What’s sad is Ludia made some interesting new dinos, but nobody is willing to lose that investment in boosts to use them. So once you hit library it’s all pretty much the same teams.


Lol it better, also you might wanna update the boosts thread I can’t do it anymore won’t let me

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Thanks for keeping that going @Thylo_75! Probably time to let that thread die though honestly. I have not been on here for a couple of days and will likely not be back for a few more.

I loved this game, but it’s clear that Ludia doesn’t share that feeling, and they have put it on maintenance mode.

I just cannot invest the time in it anymore.


As long as boosts are in the shop I will update even if to complain or for laughs and giggles we must do it for the players who suffer at the hands of the whales each day one reply is all we need to keep it going also we’re almost reaching 100 days so we can’t stop now lol.

Also 1.13 or 2.1 is coming out soon maybe the we let it die but now now when we are close to disaster lol

So ya I’ll keep it going for awhile more to be that torn in the devs side lol so one has too?

I’ve seen that this is becoming a very commom complaining in this game… Including myself that have already made a post here saying that… Those unfair battles are getting annoying enough to take out every fun of the gamers


As a test I’m gonna put a poll and see how many people have seen a variation of these exact same dinosaurs

The irony is, Ludia isnt selling boosts fast enough to fulfil demand and selling it too often to create a balanced arena.

The original sales timetable was bad but it at least made team building more level and strategy. Now its pure boosts and hope. I enjoy every aspect of this game except the part that involves fighting other humans. That part annoys because humans are annoying.


There are people using them. Just… they are not nice people… Met a lvl 28 SpinoCon. Sidestepped me to death. So yay…

142 is the max speed for.Rex. But that would make a Rex that is fodder for its balanced boosted counters.

I dun understand why players think a fast Thora will do much beyond get smacked in 2 turns by a faster Magna, IndoR G2, IndoR or ErlikoS. Erlidom has a 75% chance of beating such a Thora. Ardentistmaxima and Geminititan have a 100% chance to kill such a Thora.

Well, another reason for the little variety we see is the fact that battle incs only reward “classic” creatures (and tons of them!) and the newer creatures are either event or sanctuary locked. It takes freaking ages to grind them, let alone get them to team level… so yeah of course everybody levels up the “easy to grind” classics… you hardly have a choice