halloween epic strike tower

200 cash for 1st retry
500 cash for 2nd retry
1,000 cash for 3rd retry

you ludia peoples are really disgusting.


It has always been this way, why are you angry now? It’s not like they’re forcing you to retry.


“Collect more creature DNA”


I mean, there’s has to be some hard content. The Halloween scents and any common strike tower is so easy that a level 1 player can beat it.


Git gud bruh :sunglasses:

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Oh is it? I never realised it went up in cost exponentially to retry. That is a bit of underhanded inflation. I always assumed that it was always a straight 200 cash to retry - which would be much more fair.


Best thing to do in future is wait until other people have completed it and advised of a strategy and you’ll probably have a better idea of how to tackle it.


Absolutely agree.

Really halloween scary!!!

Those event strikes become harder and harder even for people that have high level dinosaurs. How on Earth can we win it against 3 very high level creatures with cloak/evasive/furious moves? Not to mention Ludia making our cloak/evasive not working when we need it. It’s disgusting in my view they want to milk more money from us to retry and you would think they would make something nice for Halloween. Wrong!

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THIS! :slight_smile:

We also spend a ton of time creating guides on metahub for all the difficult strike events. So that’s another great resource.


Did that and still got beat twice

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I did say have a better idea, not everyone is gonna be able to beat everything.


To be fair we get soo much to support free to play players. You can’t havs everything on a plate or you wont play after too long because it is too easy. How else are they gonna make money if you aint desperate for that extra 12k coins and raptor DNA. And then from that desperation get the next one time offer so you can get lucky on another strike event :grin:

I feel your pain. I lost the level 30 indo and 30 anky one because of bad luck and lost 200 bucks and still no incubator but then won this 1 because my indo dodged twice and gorgo didnt use cleanse. Last week i was dissapointed and today i was like, I dont deserve this but hey how many freebies can one get before supporting the business


This is wisdom. I guess Ludia is supposed to be ashamed for offering a challenge?

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the orange tower is a bait…

for veterans, it’s piece of cake, for new comers, it 's really a challenge!

You should have known when you posted this that the cheerleading section would pop up. :tada:

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Whats disgusting is ludia taking no notice that the strike event glitched on my 2nd and third attempt making me lose and when emailed they said we know about the issue… We are sorry it will be fixed on the next update.

Regarding the bucks I lost… Nothing we can do.
They could at least of refunded them

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Isn’t that stealing?

They don’t see it that way… They admitted they knew about the issues that’s the bad thing about it they could have the decency to refund but no

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just call them out for breaking their “terms of service” and see what happens