Disincentivize Arena Dropping

Ok so we all know the issues caused by arena droppers, unbalanced arena and such unfair fights that they can be ‘Phone Pelting’ worthy, so something practical needs to be done to counter it.

We have all heard of situations where a team has all level 1s and then high level max boosted boost mascots to sweep the low level team the matchmaking algorithm draws them…yet despite the level difference, the dropper gets the same incubator as a non dropper in that range, well I think I have a solution for that -

Have the contents of the won incubator be based on the difference in team strength, so that a fairly matched team will get the normal amount, but a dropper with a huge level and strength difference would get an incubator with virtually nothing inside.

I feel this scaling incubator would be an effective countermeasure to make dropping worthless and a waste of time, a great way to disincentivize the droppers.

I mean would you drop of you knew the incubator you “win” had such a low amount of DNA to be basically a waste of time? I know I wouldn’t (though I wouldn’t anyway).

Anyway just something to consider😊


The new season reset format already kind of discourages dropping.

This idea is kind of akin to a golfing handicap, where a lower skilled player gets a sort of head start, but in this case the strong one would get less DNA that would scale based on difference in strength.

That would work except for one detail.

Imagine all those lvl 30 thor max boosted which didn’t drop (because it will be their real level) win and discover in their 3H incubator there will be only 100 coins an 50DNA.

So,it won’t work.

It would scale the incubator based on how much stronger one side is to the other, if they relative strength between the 2 sides is negligible it wouldn’t affect them…but if that max boosted Thor was used to sweep say a team of level 20s the incubator scale way down.

If it’s a fairly matched fight the incubators wouldn’t be affected as there would be little to no scaling taking place.

Sometimes,it is not the max boosted thor player’s fault,it is just matchmaking who decide to put them together and these players will be punish in their reward because of the bad matchmaking.
There is clearly a bit of an injustice,isn’t it?

There is easy way to get droppers out…

1-Increase consequantly rewards higher lvl.
360 coins in Aviary:
Increase to 500 in lockwood
750 in gyrosphere
1000 in nublar
And of course,increase the ammount of DNA get in incubators and daily incubators

2-Create more uppers arena:
With the same logic of upper rewards :
At least 6500 and 7000 trophy

3-At the end of a trophy reset,the player above 5500 trophy drop 50% of their trophy over 5500.
Example: 6500trophy? -> after season:6 000 trophy
7000? -> 6250
7500? -> 6500
8000? -> 6750 ect ect.

4-Give exclusive DNA upper arenas.

5-After 3 defeat,either give a free incubator,or a free IA fight Token

With these change,no one will stay in lower arena.
Why do we stand in library/aviary?
3 reasons:
The rewards are the same for LOWER risks , FASTER match ,and a FREE win
You don’t have to wait 10 defeat ,30 minutes before getting that incubator you can get 1000 trophy bellow.
Actually,i play 1000 trophy bellow my level and i don’t regret,i farm easy money,more incubator and it is clearly less stressful.

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This wouldn’t take care of the specific dropping problem though because the droppers don’t want better rewards or exclusive DNA, they want easy wins.

Interesting ideas though :), I see no reason that a hybrid of both incentives to go up and disincentivize to go down couldn’t be added :sunglasses:

I am a dropper myself.
But considering i can get more interesting reward at 6K trophy instead of bellow 5K,i will go back where i am from.
There is no need to go upper aviary except the for the seasonal reward (which need to be hit only once).
Once i hit the 6k,i drop for 2 hours and then i get my free victories.
It is not fun,but at least i don’t wait for 45 min to get ONE incubator.
Incubator you need ,of course,because it contain boosts.
Boosts you need to go upper .

You understand the vicious cycle?
Of course if i got all i need at 6k trophy,i would go back at 6K trophy.

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how about giving higher arenas (or everyone in general) the option to choose to fight AI for coin and incs or try for a real player to gain ranking? those that want easy wins can take the AI option and leave those who want to try for ranking alone.

You know it will be a disaster right?
Almost nobody like the arena.If you give me this kind of option,you will never see me again on leaderboard.
I imagine a lot of people are like me,bored to face always the same dinos,we are all the sames and we all have the same dinos max boosted.

I think it will result in a deserted arena.
But if you give us at least 1 fight against IA after 3 match,that would make sense,less frustration and of course we will all have to play arena.

Yeah this is something that would be good but I think the company would rather players getting thrashed in matches because stress is a great incentive to make rash frustration purchases😕

Yes,ludia have shown by the past it is their way to work.

you’d be surprised how many people will stay for the normal arena. people in general can get really competitive. and it doesn’t have to be an option that is always available. certain days of the week, a week at the beginning/ end of a season, or a max amount of plays a day.

allowing players to alleviate some stress and get a couple incs rather than constant 3-0s can eventually help close some gaps between lvs and boosts in arenas, thus widening the pool of equivalent matches and making matchmaking better.


I completly agree with you,of course,
If i can play less arena to get the sames reward,i will do.
Dropping is not fun of course,but it is inevitable for me at the moment to get what i want.

Last time,i used to play at 6k trophy just to get 1 incubator,it took me 1hours and 10 minute,i yelled at the forum and took a nice 2 weeks ban.
From that moment,i decided to drop and i will stop the day they will react.

Your idea is good,it will give the longevity this game need.

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You should also consider those who you fight against, imagine how they feel when they get smashed by you.

Your win is their stressful loss :man_shrugging:

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I know but hey,its either me or them.

I play this game since day one,and i have stopped it for 4 monthes twice.
A few after 1.7 after the disaster of boosts and in 1.12 when i saw this game so stall it became to be boring.

I came back on 2.0 by pure curiosity.The logic is excellent but sadly ludia still don’t react on obvious problems.

If i have stop for 4 months,it was mostly because that game was giving me the idea to play for nothing.
I don’t even talk about the updates balance,i talk about the fact you can play HOURS before getting one incubator.

Now i drop,i know my opponent will probably be as me in the past,wanting to smash his phone after loosing time aswell.
But unlike him,now i have the choice.
And they have power aswell,if everyone spammed the forum with complain topic,maybe ludia would consider his costumers not as wallets but as human peoples.

When you say you drop what do you mean exactly? As in you tank your rating and then climb back up with your main team to get easier wins?
Or you drop and then use arena appropriate dinosaurs in terms of levels?

If it’s the first then this is exactly what we want to stop, I know why droppers do it but it doesnt make it right and in doing so it only contributes to the problem.

We may not be able to control what Ludia or other players do, but we can control what we do ourselves as an individual.

Look at it this way, if there was 100 players and 50 were droppers, well we can’t control what the other players do, but if each of those 50 droppers took it upon themselves to say “You know what, I’m not gunna be a dropper” then there would be NO droppers

Now I know what you are saying because matchmaking is crap as, but we can’t control what Ludia does, however we can decide to take a stand and at the very least not make arena worse.

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I understand you position Stiffeno,But I don’t have the same patience I had when I started this game.

I am now unable to wait more than 1 hour for something that is normal to get in 3 minutes.
I know the others will suffer,but i need my incubator and I refuse to take more than 10 minutes to get it.

No one on this forum will admit to being a dropper because we have this bad label on our head, but the problem is not with us, it is with Ludia.

Even while dropping, I manage to fall on other droppers, there are A LOT of them.
So even if one day i am tired of the game,you have to know there is tons of others.

Yeah but frustration or not we should lead by example and the what’s right for the health of the game and community.

Also consider that you yourself said that you left for a while right? Assuming coz frustration yeah (unless I’m wrong) well aren’t you just driving others to quit also?

I mean the way I see it the fault lies with both Ludia and the droppers, so both need to do better.

And I don’t want this to come across as an attack, and I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad for how they play the game or earn their incubators, I’m just pointing out that it’s harmful to other players to drop.

I mean it might be easier for me to take this stance coz I’m very stubborn when it comes to my principles, even to the point of being self destructive…for instance if I draw an opponent that doesn’t have a hope of winning due to matchmaking screwing them, I’ve been know to let them win and just take the loss lol

Then again I’m not competitive by nature so see another players quality of gaming experience as more important than my earning of DNA and rating…but again, I’m stubborn as hell😂

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I’ve only ever once seen a person who had a team of all lvl1 commons with a maxed lvl 30 all boosted magnypiritator. They let me kill all the commons instead of doing damage to the lvl 30. It was quite odd. And the idea of incubator rewards is a good idea. I’ve had very close matches with my creatures winning at less than 300 health and almost always got a 15 min incubator with these intense battles, disappointment always floods my body when it happens even when I know its coming

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