Disincentivize Arena Dropping

Raiding is becoming a factor.
I play for 3-6 hours a day.
Tuesday and Wednesday both consumed 3 and a half hours.
EZE and I got Bill breathing down our necks as polite as he possibly can.
“I appreciate what you guy are doing, but were falling behind on battles! Make sure to get your battles in!”
Yes dad…
There’s a lot of people that aren’t dropping, but they are moving slower than they used to because they have less time to progress. the 30± trophy system doesn’t help and they are a wall.
Arctops is a great incentive but people have went from simply alliance mates to friends over the past year.
I’m going to help them regardless of an arena incentive.

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Someone had made a detailed analysis of the relation between 15 minute incubators and close matches. I think it was @Quantum_Robin, but it was a while ago, so I’m not sure.

1 way to make players think twice about dropping would be to introduce “ power breaks “ at certain arena levels , so for example no Dino above level 25 in the aviary, or any Dino above level 20 in lockdown or sorna marsh’s, it would stop the newer apex dinos from wandering down arena & prevent uniques in the much lower arenas

ok then, thanks. I’ll check it out then

I’m planning to drop, the 6k trophy range has me fighting a lot of the same people every day so I’m thinking I’ll see what the 4k range has to offer. See you all soon.

Here is the problem for all ideas to stop droppers. Ludia doesn’t care… if they did their would be arena exclusives after avairy. Their would be an increase in boosts in the daily incubator beyond ruins. The three arenas that are currently inhabited by just 7% of the games population would offer some kind of rewards beyond seasonal rewards that one only needs to hit their peak to be part of.

I’ve personally decided the upper arenas are no longer worth my time. Two years of taking the high ground while Ludia sits by and does nothing to help the game in this regard has been enough for me. Ignoring all of my proposed solutions while offering none of their own leads me to believe Ludia wants me to drop. So drop I will.

And as I’ve dropped I’ve learned one very important thing. The supposedly team power based match making in the lower arenas is a straight up lie. As someone who bounces between around 4800-5100 for the last three season when I drop down to the 4300s I shouldn’t be matched with someone with the exact same amount of trophies as me for a week straight but I have.


They should be transparent and tell us exactly how the system works so we can see for ourselves what’s going on.

These systems put in place the same day boosts were added have me very suspicious of the motives.

What I’ve observed from this week has been intresting… as soon as I hit 4400 I’m matched with people at or above 4500… when I drop below 4400 I’m matched with people always within 30 trophies or less but normally with the exact same trophies count.

If it’s to be believed that the match making is power based below avairy… I should be battling people above 4500 even when I’m at 4300 but their is some strange cutoff that says I can’t fight an avairy person unless I’m above 4400.

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