Display opponents team at the start of battle to counter RNG


There is already so much RNG in team draw, status effects, dodging and crits which serves a function, but isnt fun.
By showing both players both teams, at least you can think ahead about enemy team picks and possibilities, how much RNG or CC the opponent will rely on etc.

Despite RNG etc still being the same during the game, you can at least plan ahead for that to happen which makes thinking ahead way more important and gives a sense of tactical control from the start in stead of just picking a dino and pray not to get counterpicked.
I personally would enjoy the psychological battle of the first pick this way!


I’d rather save my level 28 Stegoceratops for a surprise at the end when they think they’ve got me wrecked. I don’t want my opponent to know what’s coming.


OP’s name is 2L2L2Q.


what? :joy: @Blu


I don’t agree. It is more fun to battle without knowing the 4 opponent dinos and you have to adapt yourself depending on what you are facing.
Also, there is already a “psicological battle” on the field with the attack move to choose, like for example v-raptor vs sucotator, you know v-raptor can pounce and sucotator can instant cripple, so am I gonna pick instant cripple assuming they will pounce as first move? Or they will assume I will use instant cripple so they won’t use pounce so I will pick superiority strike and two-shot their v-raptor… :crazy_face: