Dispute chat


Would be great to have a chat to call out cheaters. If you are stunned you shouldn’t be able to switch to another Dino. Seen it several times. Lose turn should mean exactly that


Stun hasn’t ever prevented swapping (since I’ve been playing). It’s one of the only ways to get out of stegocera chain stuns/kill.
Pretty sure Ludia considers that part of the design


It isn’t cheating, and it isn’t a “lost turn.” Stun is a negative effect on one dino, which clears when the dino is swapped out, just like if it had a bleed/damage over time or speed reduced. Swapping is part of strategy on the player side, which is why you’re allowed to swap out a dinosaur suffering a negative effect for a fresh one.

However, I do think there should be ways to report actual cheaters, instead of just reporting an inappropriate username. So if you see a genuine anomaly in battle, like someone using more than one of the same dino or having a team larger than four, you can say something about it.


Yeah no. If you’re on a roll with stuns it’s ridiculous to think someone shouldn’t be able to switch out. It’s still losing a turn, most immune dinosaurs have low health so if they switch to one you can probably one shot it. If they want to take their chances, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.


That makes semi-sense so I can be ok with that. But there’s still some shadiness going on around still. Ijs


It’s not cheating to swap a dino out of battle. :roll_eyes:

It’s becoming a real bad habit on this forum for people to cry cheat just when they’ve been beaten in the arena. We’re all losing/winning games man. Do you actually think there’s a way to hack this game so you can cheat by switching your dino in battle, honestly?


whoa… someone that gets it. You cannot hack this game to have doppelgängers with Dino’s. You cannot hack this game to have an endless supply of coins. This game is server side controlled. Thank you Logan for knowing the difference between rumor mill gossip and common sense.