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Disruptive reconnecting pop-ups need to stop

Just about getting sick of the glitches caused by the pop-up saying that my connection was lost and that it’s trying to reconnect.
I’ve lost energy to this before as it would glitch out right when I entered a battle.
The pop-ups are incredibly disruptive to gameplay.
When they pop up during supposedly asynchronous tasks it risks the user losing progress or items.
My wifi connection is not great. It sometimes cuts off. This causes a lot of popups to appear in my game. Their purpose is understandable, but they should not appear in places where they would interrupt an operation, such as a purchase or expending materials.

I leveled up my dragon, donated 6 dragons and about 16k fish. Immediately as I had confirmed the level up, I got the “reconnecting” pop-up.
I lost the fish and the dragons. The dragon did not, however, level up. It was expected to go from 17(659) to 20(668) but the dragon level stayed where it was. It seems like I lost my resources without gaining the expected result, being that my dragon did not level up.

I’m making this post in hope that the devs see it and understand the issues in these popups. I’m not making it to complain about lost items or to get a refund. But I’m hoping that something will be done about this.

I’ll add to this, I go to text someone and come back to the game and it disconnects sometimes and lose energy in the same way.

Also starting the game, the screen will time out (30 secs) and doesn’t load while the screen times out or if I switch windows to text. Only loads if the window is active.

Update: it seems that the level up process got stuck halfway without finishing the transaction. Leveling the same dragon up again made all the lost levels appear. In the end, nothing was lost, but it’s still not the way this is intended to work, right?

Thanks for letting us know that your dragon is now at the correct level, @elzux. We had a similar visual issue of this happening when your dragon training tier is higher than it should be. However, if this happens again when you disconnect, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team can investigate further.