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Dissapointed with the aroma càpsules and incubator


Disappointed with the aroma capsules.
I don’t know if I’ll be the only one, but I’m disappointed with the aroma capsules. I see No reason to pay for them if, upon opening one of claws, I appear two Dracorex, four Estegosaurus and the rest Apatosaurus. I bought some epic and pretty much the same thing. I even lost it by activating it just by updating the system. The same weird scent. In addition, the active where active, all give the same always except for some small difference. In this way I understand that they can be well as a gift in the game, but I see no reason to invest in them. And I don’t speak of the incubators better. More of the same.


Scent of Claws draws those(Draco,Stego, Apto, Charlie/Echo/Delta).

For the normal Epic/Rare scents, dino spawns depend on locality. Refer this to understand more:
So plan accordingly and activate the scent in a zone/area.

Also to get more dino spawns(two per each time), you should keep walking. Meaning, if you’ve activated the scent by just sitting at your home, you would get one dino per every two minutes. But if you are walking, chances are you would get 2 dinos per every two minutes.