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Distance incubators?


Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we got rewarded for the distances we cover on our dino hunting? Something akin to Pokemon Go’s egg incubators would be perfect since it usually takes great land cover to bring the good stuff home like rares or even epics. Too many a time have I felt cheated after a good journey looking for these darned beasts. Any1 else got any ideas on this?


Yeah I was thinking more like eggs, you get them so often from supply drops, hatch them by walking so many meters and then when they hatch they give you so much DNA.


I think they hesitate on this as a way of not “copying” PoGo… but its something that makes sense :sweat_smile: its useful and makes people go out and walk and hunt more


Legally, as long as not too many bloggers and such call it a Pokémon Go clone they should be fine slipping that one in.


There is a huge problem with that idea however as there is no speed cap in the game, that would force them to introduce one and many players in POGO hated the speed cap and left due to it at 13.4 km per hours hard to take a bus or ride a bike to collect Dino’s as you would break the speed cap and your map would go blank. And this would truly hurt the game.


Very good point @Neodeadalus !!! Nevermind, forget walking to hatch incubators LOL I prefer being able to catch dinos while on car rides lol


I like the idea but I think we should should find eggs under random dinosaurs after darting them. I didn’t like the drops giving out eggs in Pokemon. We should just stumble upon them. Make finding eggs a hunt and hatching them a work out.

There is a problem with hatching eggs into dinosaurs. Right now we have one of each dinosaur so rather than hatching them because we can’t have two of the same dinosaur, we extract DNA from them or trade them into the scientists for DNA.

To incorporate the hatching of eggs, we would have to let the baby dino go and when we do, they appear at our feet and we and others with us can then use our drones and extract DNA from them.


agree. lets not have a speed cap as a passenger.