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Distance Strike Tower Battling Rewards

This is what I’m most happy about. If I didn’t have a drop next door, I would have quit long ago. This is good for many players that they can get supplies now who don’t live under drops. With winter, I’ve been getting so I just don’t even go a little ways out side to reach the drop next door. This is definitely a plus and not just for home but work where I have to be picky and choosy what I dart because I will run out before the end of the day now that I can’t get out at lunch.

Increased Interaction Range On The Map

  • Based on player feedback, we are greatly increasing the interaction range on the map.
  • Supply Drops , Treasure boxes , Special Event Supply Drops and Strike Events can now be opened from up to 150 meters away (200m for VIP members). Open them from long range for a portion of the full reward, or move into close range to collect everything.

My question and I guess I’ll find out is are strike event rewards going to be lessened by distance? Finding a restaurant or place to park under the towers have been challenging. Me and my wife drive all over looking for the right towers in the right places. This is going to help greatly which is why I am curious about rewards from strike towers. Now we can sit at a restaurant and maybe reach two or three towers.

We would find a restaurant with a long tower and then after, drive across the street and park under other towers to do them and then drive around blocks to get maybe a third tower.

The other problem we had was our I-pads “wander” or just don’t and won’t park on top of us, they are just off far enough to not be able to reach a tower at the restaurant we are eating at. So I’m looking forward to this update.


This change is good. There were many times an epic strike tower stood inside a police station. I had to walk for long to find another one. Now I can use that one. I just worry that the reward would be reduced.


This question is being asked by a lot of people… @Ned might be able to shed some light on whether strike event rewards will be dimished if towers are accessed from a distance…


I’m going to follow this post, I was wondering the same thing!

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I want to know the same thing.


According to metahub strike rewards wont change… just supply drops and treasure chests. Depending how close or far you are from the strike.

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The strike rewards stay the same only supply and treasure chests are diffrent