Distracting Impact and Pounce


As far as I know, distracting impact and pounce do the exact same thing. They both deal double damage, and they both cut the enemy’s attack in half. I don’t understand why Distracting Impact has a cooldown of 2 instead of 1. They do the same thing.

This Spinotahraptor had 1019 attack, and it dealt 2038 to my Indominus with Distracting Impact. Is it because pounce is specifically for Raptors and it wouldn’t be fair if creatures with more health and less attack could do the same? I don’t get it.


I believe Pounce is more for raptors versus anything twice their size. Think about it: when has a Tyrannosaur pounced? I think in that light, they’re following logic where Raptors are small, lightweight, fast, and intelligent, with the ability to jump, so their Pounces make sense. Distracting Impact is for those that logically cannot pounce like a raptor, i.e., the Spinotaraptor. Those guys are just to big to jump, and I’m sure their legs would buckle badly under their weight. Sure we see the herbivores rear up, but they’re built for it.


I understand the physics of it, but gameplay-wise, they’re the same move. Distracting Impact at least needs a different name, as it’s not an impact move. I still think it deserves a cooldown of 1.


It should be renamed to distracting rampage. Do not nerf this move… it’s what makes utasino a good dino. You’ve already nerfed instant charge.


Distracting Impact reduces the damage for twice as long (but takes 2x longer to cooldown as well).


distracting lasts 2 turns and “impact” is supposed to be 1.5x dmg. rampage is 2x strike is 1x. if its hitting for 2x its a bug and will probably be fixed.

poounce lasts 1 turn. distracting should not have a 1 cd since it lasts 2 turns.


I never realized that distracting lasts 2 turns. Thanks.


Thanks for letting me know.


Also it doesn’t really have distracting impact. For some reason they don’t know how to change ability descriptions/ names on command, only by accident apparently. It actually has distracting rampage per patch notes but doesn’t display change in game even though there have been half a dozen updates since then