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Distracting ramp nerf?


I can feel regrets of pyrritator/utarinex users…

…and ovation of utahsino users.



Tbh even with the distracting rampage delay, utarinex is still strong due to its high hp and surviability. Tanks like stegodeus cannot kill it in two hits and on turn 2 it still has instant charge to counter SS. Surely it will be weaker than it was before but still be an apex.

Pyrritator is the saddest Dino if the delay is implemented, it’s too frail to take two hits.


It won’t be long till the nerf hammer hits utasinoraptor too


Stegoceratops could wreck Utarinex with that delay. Especially when the slowing impact cooldown becomes 2.


Head to head matchup yes since it can only strike turn 1, but it can also be used like green chicken I guess, kill something with low hp and have all the moves available.


I know all these were reverted, but they might make their way into 1.6, when that comes out.


Wait… Didn’t know that distractions have their own ramps! :joy::joy:


Utasino just got a buff… don’t think they’ll nerf it so soon


Yeah. Stegocera so strong already. Yikes… maybe I should stop resisting levelling it.

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I wouldn’t bet, Pyroraptor has been nerfed , buffed and now nerfed again.

Nothing is set in stone and the way they’re going it probably won’t be too long till they put distracting impact to +1 delay to be like distracting rampage.


Come what may I’ll still play.

I hooe these changes do happen. It seems like they are trying to slow down battle.


It’s a great dino and it seems to be getting better and better these days. It’s definitely worth working on.


I’m tempted too😂, but my resistance is decreasing day by day, already started to rack up stego and triceratops😂

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if the sino incubators sales are good, LUDIA 100% nerf utarinex!!! if sales not good, they will keep it unchanged.


I wouldn’t bet either, but I doubt it :slightly_smiling_face:

I can understand the “effect Rampage” nerf… they are really powerful (the problem for Rinex and Pyrri is that they don’t have other good options for first turn). But there would be absolutely no point in giving delay to Impacts. And that would nerf many others too much. I think the worst that could happen is getting a longer CD… but yeah, after Drac2 we can expect any “brilliant idea” from Ludia.

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LUDIA sells Call option at high premium(incubator) before a dino’s quarterly nerf announcement…

IF this is stock trading, LUDIA could be sued!

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game players should make a association or alliance to work against any immoral behavior by some gaming companies…or make the law fairer…