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Distracting Strike not working


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Bug Description: Diloracheirus’ Distracting Strike not working

Area is was found in: Battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Use Distracting Strike with Diloracheirus. First tried against Trykoraurus, and was not sure if I saw correctly. In another battle against Diorajasaur, it 100% did not distract, as opponent first hit with a full 1x counter, and then a 1,5x Distracting Impact.

How often does it happen: So far, constantly

What type of device are you using: Galaxy S9

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Did the opponent crit on you? Because the crit will pretty much negate the distract and both of those opponents have very high crit chances.


Please, then I would not write here…

Diorajasaurs crit chance is 5%. Wouldn’t call that high.

Anyway, no. No crits. And no ferocity from Dioraja.


It’s high in that is has swap in ferocity. So more chances to crit after a swap in. I’ve never seen distracting strike not work so I was just trying to think through scenarios.


Ferocity does not affect crit chance.


No, but its like a guaranteed crit. Wrong language, same concept.


This isn’t a bug, it’s because swap in ferocity increases attack by 50% (from dioraja swap in), total attack for dioraja is now 150%.
Distaracting strike lowers it by 50%, it subtracts attack, it doesn’t divide it. 150% - 50% = 100% attack (normal damage it usually has not swapped in.)


@anon44209425 Read thread. Dioraja did NOT swap in, and thus did NOT have Ferocity active.


Does it happen on Diloracheirus specifically or does it affect every distracting move ?

I’m afraid to rely on distracting moves now…


Didn’t have any problems with Utarinex (or maybe I just didnt notice). Don’t know about other dinos.

Just faced a Dracoceratops with my Dilorach. And Distracting Strike took 50% off opponents damage…

Doesn’t change that it’s not working against Tryko and Dioraja (and probably other dinos). And before someone will ask again, NO, Dioraja did not have Ferocity active, and NO, Tryko did not crit.

Maybe it’s only against counter attackers?


Thanks for letting us know, @Nithas. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and more details of the battle, along with the date and time of your match so our team can investigate further? Thanks!


Works fine for me against Tryko…