Distracting Strike used twice in a row?


So apparently “Distracting Strike” has a 2 cooldown.

But I just encountered someone (possibly a bot) who used Distracting Strike against my Einiasuchus and lowered her attack. I immediately swapped dinos, and they used Distracting Strike straight away again and lowered my next dino’s attack too. How? Is this a hacker or a glitch?


If bot, glitch. I went up against a raptor that used pounce twice in a row without a swap once


the dinosaur "Monolophosaurus got two “Distracting Moves”

(Distrating Impact) 1.5x dmg reduce dmg 50%
(Distrating Strike) 1.0x dmg reduce dmg 50%.

Happy weekend mate.


To expand on that: Monolophosaurus is particularly impressive because both moves STACK. You can effectively neuter a dinosaur for an entire turn that way, while still doing your own damage.


Thanks everyone for the replies. I’m guessing it was probably a Monolophosaurus that I encountered. Might have to look into getting one of those for my own team!