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Distraction counts?

I am having some problems with the way distraction counts are worded vs the way they are behaving.

I read on some post I think by @Qaw, that “turns” are now user perspective meaning a turn is a user action to a user action. So I have two examples of where this does not seem to be the case and I am wondering what is going on because one of them is completely insane.

  1. Swap-in Thyla against a speed boost Thor. Thyla distracts, Thor deals 0 damage. Next turn, Thor is first, Thor does total damage. The wording for Thyla says “Decrease damage 100% for 2 attacks, lasting one turn after swap-in”. If the turn is user perspective, then Thor should remain distracted for 2 attacks if Thor is faster than Thyla. But, that does not happen, meaning the turn is being based on op perspective.

  2. Op used group takedown with a Baronyx faster than puru in the tournament. I used instant distraction. Op’s next attack is not distracted, that is crazy. Not one turn had passed and no atk was distracted. I can kinda understand on the first example that maybe (even though its not worded to say this) that its only meant to distract for that turn and since the distraction landed before the attack was made, its somehow counted as a turn. But in this case, the distraction landed after the op’s move and literally was applied and then un-applied before ever actually distracting at all.

What gives here? Are distraction moves not user-perspective? Even if not, why would instant distraction not hold for the next (which would be the first) attack?

Debuffs are counted on opponent turns. So distraction, crit reduction, slow and stun all count down on the opponent’s turn/ action.

Buffs are counted on user turns/ actions. So shield, ferocity, and speed increase count down from the user’s perspective.

The instant distraction of puru does not negate attack increase buffs. Its the same even before 2.0. Like with Sarcorixis. It uses its ferocity attack while Procerath went ID. A -90 and a +50 equate to a -40 distraction effect. So a +50 from group takedown and a -100 from instant distract will equate to -50 distraction effect.


Makes sense I guess. I can understand the procera vs rixis because the distraction took place before the ferocious, but this distraction took place after the application of the buff…which to me suggests the wording should be changed to 100% of base atk.

Basically, Ludia has a wording problem.


Yeah. they can definitely word it better. it should be clarified that buffs and debuffs are on an additive type system. You can have a Mammotherium Prime with both Power Strike and its Defense shattering attack (whatever it’s called) buffs at +50% each. so it’s at +100% attack (200% total attack.) Instant distraction will decrease attack by 100%. You would think it would bring the attack down to 0, but in reality its 200% (total attack) -100% (distraction effect) = 100% (base attack)

Everything regarding distraction and shields was fine. They screwed everything up for the sake of raids…

The group takedown will negate half of the distraction so that’s it for that one but I don’t use Thyla so don’t ask about that one

What @Qiew said. The change was only for shields and evasion.