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Distraction feels pointless now

I swear nearly every single dino in this game can just cleanse distraction. Between Resilient, superiority, dig in and other cleansing moves, it feels like I can’t distract anything. I’m not even including the dinos who are immune - sorry, resistant - to it.

Before the update there were quite a few dinos it worked on, but now I’m struggling to find a use for it.


I does feel as though if you aren’t playing those type of creatures you may as well not bother. There are too many counters to abilities feels these days.

Yeah, distracters are in even worse place than dodgers now.
This image speaks for itself:

X-ed uniques are the ones that distraction is pointless against (one mistake, Grypo shouldn’t be X-ed). It’s also not very useful against non X-ed ones, because Magna, MRhino, Vexus and Rinex have 50% resistance and Fluffy Rat has Cleansing Impact. Tbh as of now it’s useful only against Grypo and Thor…

What has to be done?

  1. Remove distraction resistance from creatures that don’t need it
  2. Buff distracters a bit
  3. Most important: Give us more unique chompers to distract!

I really don’t see the point in making velociraptor immune to distraction

I feel as though you are distracting (no pun intended) yourself from the real problem, the Resilient Creatures. As I have said many, many, many times before, the distribution of the new moves, mainly Resilient, were really uneven. I guarantee that 80% of all creatures either got these new moves as an addition to their toolkit in one form or another, or their whole moveset got reset, and they only received these new moves as their only moveset. Which quite kills the diversity of the game imo. It is my hope tho that they fix this major problem of the game (one of the major problems atleast) in the future update. They could do this by reverting some dinos/creatures (non-hybrids mainly) to Pre-Update 2.0, reserve the new multitasking moves to hybrids, and by distributing said moves appropriately.

As for your 2nd suggestion, there really arent any bona fide distractors except for the current Spyx and the long-time Vavenator. So really, there is no way to classify creatures as Distractors, because just like as what Ive said in my other post, more or less, distraction is a luxury for most hybrids. So you gotta clarify that statement a little, regarding which creature/dinos need to be buffed. Because Im pretty sure nobody wants my boy TenRex getting a buff anytime soon. Im down for more unique chompers tho :t_rex::t_rex:

Give Tenonto his shattering impact back lol.

How about Shattering Group Medium Heal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Distraction needs to be timed and times well. Distraction can work on trykosaurus and maxima, but it’s mostly moves like cunning strike and instant distraction.

Distracting Fierce Impact would be nice

Pretty much the only times I get to use Distraction are Instant Distraction against Thor, Trykosaurus, Magnapyritor, Indoraptor or Ardentismaxima. It doesn’t always help, but the opponent often doesn’t see it coming when it does (in the cases of the high Distraction-resistant creatures).

Distraction against Indo?

That tiny bit of damage-reduction can make all the difference. Indoraptor is 75% resistant to Distraction.

i think it was a good idea

Well I still see a LOT of boosted Thors roaming around my current arena so spyx is definitely staying on the team, ludia should have let it keep the debilitating move though