Ditch the Forum Filter


This is, without a doubt, the most hindered and broken forum design I have ever used or participated in.

It does NOT filter out bad language, bad attitudes, or unhelpful posts. It DOES filter out posts simply for being wordy, which happens when someone goes into detail, and other posts for no apparent reason.

These hidden posts can become conpletely lost and forgotten due to human error, resulting in WEEKS going by without a post. I had a post of suggestions hidden for twelve days before it was made visible. I just went to change the title so people are more inclined to read it… And it’s been hidden AGAIN.

Worst forum design ever. Ditch it. It’s only frustration for users, and I doubt it’s much fun for moderators because if how much work it causes.

Y U hide my posts Ludia? XD
Area 51

I most heartily agree, pox.


The game is horrible and so is this forum filters . You don’t even need to say anything bad or against rules and they block it maybe they need to hire more mods to make process quicker or use there try skill sets to fix something in game and on here .

Tired and p off now

I’m playing Pokémon go so much better luvs it!!

Best of luck with game happy dino DNA hunting my friends!!



Saying the game is horrible might be wrong I play but barley and it would be a decent game if they fixed issues only thing I see now is everything shows a loading screen and it uses massive I mean massive data and they changed the bold outline of writing in game on screen! Some big mods ehh😤

DinoLord !!


If no one hears from me not often because I really am playing poke go I only go on to get incubator and speed up that’s it until they make game better no money or game play like I was commuted 100% a month ago

It’s terrible but they need to add some features and fix old ones



Dino, I thought you were taking special bus journeys everyday to max out coins and catch Epics. Now your saying the game is horrible. What went wrong :frowning:


On topic, these are the worst forums I’ve ever used I’m afraid, due to:

  • a glitch that keeps occuring when posting a reply where I have to completely shut chrome down and reopen it to continue editing the reply

  • the forum filter which is far too aggressive

  • and the forum rules being implemented too harshly on people who are trying to help (received an informal warning once for posting about an inappropriate supply drop ad).


I still hear you in my head as Chris Pratt, FYI.


Chris Pratt is on Instagram. His tag there is prattprattpratt.


Everything went wrong with this game . Th y refuse to fix it I refuse to support it till I see changes

I’ve noticed the increase in dino attempts is a step up though and hopefully it’s the same for every other epic legendary ect…



Seriously every post i wanna create gets hidden right away xD what’s that all about?


It’s a broken auto-filter algorithm that Ludia still needs to fix, but hasn’t done. The devs have more pressing issues in-game to deal with, such as spoofers and hackers.


Last three posts have all been hidden due to links to metahub resources.

Please sort this.


Actually now the last 4 replies, and the last one didn’t contain any links.


I think those who like to reply lengthily, after a certain number of replies in the forum, will be filtered.


The other thing I noticed, is they’ll block it if there’s too many screenshots or too many captilized words. I stopped captilizing “dna” because my posts got blocked for it.


I have to agree. Some of us can get a little long-winded when we’re on a roll. That’s no reason to send our posts to a mod (who’s probably already too bogged down with player complaints) in order to get approved for content.

If I could say something to…

post being withheld for review. Please stand by. Thank you.


They’ll filter-block you for making wisecracks, as well… just had a reply blocked. STOP IT, LUDIA!


I’m going to bump this because it’s no less relevant today as it was when I first posted this.

Good lord, but this forum is atrocious.


It certainly is terrible, but the community itself is no better. I once started posting screenshots of my censored posts because there was no reason to censor them and it was impossible to have a conversation… And someone started flagging my posts for “breaking the rules” by posting hidden content. Okay, it WAS breaking the rules but come on the filters are just ridiculous…