Diversity in the Arena

Okay - I often complain that I don’t see enough diversity in the area… yeah, yeah - okay, I just complain in general.

Anyway… today I was hit with a real surprise in Library.

I don’t know if you are on this forum, or even who won (I think you did) but it was so refreshing to finally see something different. I applaud you!


I got someone different as well!

I actually forgot about purus ID and essentially gave them a free kill lol, this was refreshing to say the least


vive la différence!


Brings a tear to my eye :partying_face:

I went up against a guy a few days ago in the library with a whole non-meta team like this and it was so refreshing.

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Satisfying to see a team like this

But that allo, my lord it’s insane, it has like 137 speed

Respect to them for use non-meta team

i cant say the same. i try to boosts my favorites tho. im gonna wait until i have all meta team, then try to get good rewards tourney and pvp monthlies to level others horrible dinos. level 30 apato here i come

respect to them tho, hes in library with that team

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Arena: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I just had one too. Praise be lol