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DNA 10 needs to be nerfed ( exterminated ) .. Permanently!

Ever had the pure frustration of trying to get a decent amount of dino DNA
during leveling up of your dinos? like thousands of other players world wide
the answer would be a resounding YES ! having to give up something like
5,000 plus dino DNA only to get a lousy 610 dino DNA back is uneven
and totally lop sided against the player(s) of this game.
Week after week we struggle like crazy to get a decent amount of dino DNA only to
get kicked in the teeth again and again when the ** 10 DNA ** shows up as a reward
for exchanging something like 5,000 plus dino dna.
Only yesterday i surrendered ( reluctantly mind you ) knowing the ** 10 DNA ** was
lurking in the background just waiting for me to click on * exchange DNA * once more.
Well like everyone else i too got kicked in the teeth by getting back an extremely lousy
amount of dino dna in exchange for the 5,680 dino dna i surrendered i got back this for
all my hard work chasing dino’s every day for nearly a month from 1st hit till last they were.
20, 10, 10, 20, 30, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 10, 10, 30, 20, 20, 20, 10,
30, 30, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10, 20 and finally … yep you guessed it a * 10 * !.
I mean gee’s LUDIA this is not considered fair play in anyone’s book not now not ever there has
to be something done about this to even things up a bit with the average of getting a lousy 10 DNA back in exchange for the staggering amount of dno dna surrendered ( 5,680 dino DNA i gave up )
deducting the very small amount of dino dna given back to me after exchange it turns out that i had
in actual fact lost 5,070 dino dna to the game and only got back an extremely lousy 610 dino dna!
how is that fair in any way at all? its not that much i can tell you, LUDIA please in your next update
can this MAJOR IMBALANCE in the game be corrected so that when we exchange dino dna in the
future what we get back after exchanging dna is a lot better than what we get from the game currently! oh and NERF THE HELL OUT OF THAT 10 please permanently !


I agree that 10’s are a huge aggravation, especially when it takes 200+ for a fuse. I can see it when leveling commons and maybe epics, but legendaries and uniques should be a higher minimum.


Lick of the draw we all get it

We’ve definately all been there, the 70+ fuses are like winning the lottery though lol!

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Yh it is nice to get them just expect 10s so when you get a big one you will enjoy it more moral is lower your expectations haha

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I agree the minimum should be twenty for anything hard to create

But if the minimum becomes 20 then the DNA necessary to level up would need to double as well in order to keep balance. I don’t see the difference.

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The next day after this is done people would be crying to get rid of 20s in fuses.


They should nerf 10 dna fusions. Min goes to 20. They should nerf 20 dna fusions. Min goes to 30 they should nerf 30…see the pattern.


I get lots of 10s myself, the real kicker is when u have to collect 2k dna for a fuse and u only get 10s each time…very frustrating for sure

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The minimum should be 50, and I know that’s asking a hefty amount, but hear me out. The least amount of required DNA for most hybrids on one dino is 50, and the other could be 50, 200, 500… If the minimum to get out of a fusion were 50 DNA, then it would be getting out what you put in, at least half-way.

This is new and never been brought up b4.


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I noticed that the higher the level dino, the better your chances are of getting 30, 40, 80, and even a 100 for that exchange. My Thor just leveled up to 27 today and as you know it takes 2000 from a common to level up unique. After level 24 or 25 I saw a lot of high DNA exchanges. We’ll, that’s my 2 cents added. Just something I observed

I agree with a lot of you that there should in fact be a ** BASE MINIMUM AMOUNT **
when exchanging dino dna but the 10 dna exchange has to go end of story, i saw
some of you mentioning giving up 2,000 dna per shot and when it comes to giving up
that amount of dna your amount of dino dna recieved back should be higher than a lousy
10 thats for sure. what i am saying is that after a certain level your dino achieves that the
automatic 10 dna giveback should be replaced with a base minimum of 20 dna giveback
at the very least !. if this was to occur then it would be a more fairer system all round for
everyone during level ups / creation of new dino’s, so how about it LUDIA will we ever see
the automatic 10 dna exchange eliminated and replaced with a base minimum of 20 dna
instead after our dinos reach / achieve a certain level in the game.??. its your call LUDIA
will you take it or leave it ? only time will tell