DNA adverts not crediting

I am not getting credits for DNA after watching the videos. Anyone else having this issue?

Hey, @Lifa, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not receiving DNA after watching videos. In order for our team to take a closer look at things on their end, reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com, including your support key in the email so that they can help you faster.

No, i just tried, no issue on my end, how many have you watched? And do you return to game immediately or walk away an come back in a bit?

I have seen this issue too from time to time, most often on my iPad, not my Android phone. Haven’t seen it since the most recent update that I recall.

I tried many times. I keep playing the game. (Not leave)

Thanks. I sent an email.

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I get those also. Whenever the ad has the “i” in the triangle in the upper right corner no dna is credited. It used to work though prior to the last update.