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DNA Bank idea


I have an idea for a DNA swapping bank. Obviously our good friends at Ludia need to stay in business. There could be a dino dollar transaction fee. I would love to see a banking system that would allow users to offer one dinos dna for an equivalent amount of dna of their choice. For instance, you might have a favorite common, i do. I would gladly swap some epic or legendary dna of a dino that I have no interest in using, but you might.

Btw, Does anyone else have enough dna to create a level 47 Irritator Gen 2. Lol ? Obviously they don’t go that high, just sayin’!


Yeah, I like black market idea. Dennis Nedry did it lets make this happen. I’d like to trade some t-rex dna for iritator gen2 for sure


I hope they never introduce any kind of exchange system. Just seems too OP if people create multiple accounts and bank resources on one main account using multiple dummy accounts.



Same as @Rathelon. Why a system that would make multi account the way to go?

That would be a bad move for ludia as there would be no reason to buy incub… (why gamble for epic DNA when you can have thousands of it just by getting it in multiple accounts?)


Never thought of that. I guess I’m too honest and gullible. Well it was a thought anyway, lol


True. I never consider cheating, but that would allow for too much. Oh well! Bad idea


Yes that’s the problem with these kind of mechanics there will be always people who will try to abuse them :frowning:

Hope you will find dna you need!