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DNA Building Upgrade


When first signing up for the VIP membership I was at the time most interested in this bit of advertising…

Well after 417 days of VIP membership, I do not remember how many clicks every 12 hours to upgrade the building in total. But the last click was finally completed:

I can finally take advantage of the advertised up to 2,000 DNA every 24 hour advertisement.


Ooo and ahhh.

I’m not far behind. I’m 125/145 on level 10.

Well I say not far behind but I just worked out how many days behind that is


I’m up to 900dna/day. I have a loooooooooong way to go. Congrats on maxing it out!

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From now on no one can stop you anymore.

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Congratz, I got mine at lvl 12 like a month or two back. I really cannot believe that I clicked on it enough for it to get to max production level.

Seems like just yesterday my DNA facility was at lvl 1, and now it’s all grown up :pleading_face: