DNA caps

In the interests of transparency and not exploiting bugs:

The DNA cap since 1.7 does not seem to be working:


I was going to exploit it and see if I could get 7 figures to show. Gives us grinders a new goal to shoot for.

EDIT to add:
Level 30 - Check
Level 30 with 200,000 max - Check
Level 30 with 250,000 max - Check
Level 30 with 1,000,000 - In proess


Wow that’s awesome @Wwwoodchuck! At L30 too :smiley:

I :100: get what you’re saying and feel the same way about having a new goal but just couldn’t be a hypocrite and keep quiet knowing about an exploit after all the recent furore. Even though it’s a fairly insignificant bug. Sorry though. I wrestled with myself whether to post this or not but hopefully you’ll get there before it’s shut down!!

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Not a problem and completely understand!

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Thanks for reporting this, @ResearchGirl. We’ll forward this to the team! :slight_smile:

I would hope @Ludia_Developers give us notice if they intend to correct the stated storage limits BEFORE they implement it. This will give some of us time to level up rather than lose that extra DNA.

There might be some users who have a level 15 common with 300,000+ DNA and would hate to lose 50,000+ DNA of effort. Give us a chance to either use it by leveling up to level 20, the max at which a Dino can get a hybrid, or not.


Those patch notes a few days ahead of the release stating something would save some users a lot of effort.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.