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So this happened today


Welcome to the club


For anyone curious, my VIP started on August 17, 2018, so about 422 days

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It’s definitely part of the way they keep VIPs from dropping their memberships, when it takes SO long to get that thing maxed and will lose ALL of that if you drop even one month. The Gaming Beaver’s most recent videos really reamed out Ludia for this, but I expect it’s the one thing that keeps VIPs from routinely taking a month or so off from their memberships.


That really blows (that you lose your DNA center). One more reason for me not to be VIP.

For what it is worth, I am a proud non-VIP. I have never lacked for DNA; I can farm plenty from watching videos during mindless tasks (like folding laundry) or playing PvP.


Yeah the DNA building is probably most useful to newer players… I almost forget it’s there most of the time. For me, the main benefit has been the doubling of LPs and extra custom trades (which I typically use one a day for a coins-to-Jurassic which often gets me a nice hybrid, and the other 2 go for more LPs) and using those for 10K packs and the lottery (and the rare TH trade for the more rare VIPs). It definitely is how I was able to get into Dominator so soon, but it certainly isn’t essential to playing the game and I agree that there would be a certain amount of pride in being able to achieve the same without the help.

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I miss my DNA building. :frowning:

I have learned to live with this loss.

Did they reduce the amount of dna produced in dna building for VIPs? (I am a non vip) Also i have seen maybe 2-3 good trades for DBs ( the rest is LPs for DBs which are not really worthy in my opinion) in the trade harbor since update 37, so the promises they were stating after update 36 were just a nice lie (expectedly) to make a smooth transition and give some temporary satisfaction to angry players before they slowly and unnoticed remove them from every single way to get them from elsewhere but real money purchase. Honestly I don’t think the way they are trying to get more money from players is really effective, it’s actually counterproductive, too obvious and very naive just trying to increase the EBIT of the company to as high numbers as possible. Of course this can work in a short term but what happens if customer is not satisfied? But maybe i am wrong and the company lives out from the very few people that spend insane amount of money for the game instead of getting money because of the app screening time…

I like the game in general but all of this happening lately is, as I wrote, a little too obvious…

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I will respectfully disagree with you on the TH DB offers, I am up almost 10k over this past week, but I also trade almost anything for DB, including VIP points. Not all of this is from the TH but a lot of it is.

I’m not near as aggressive in the Trade Harbor as @Sionsith is, but I’m up about 2000 Dinobucks for the week. And to answer your question about the DNA Center, I think the max has always been 2000 DNA/day split between the two collections

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Congratulations on maxing your DNA production center!

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