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Dna collection cap?

what is the maximum total dna that you can collect and save up for common, rare, epics, legendaries and uniques? …especially the first 3 rarities.

250K is the top max as you can see here

You can have more but it does not show here. You can see the whole amount if you request a donation or someone does.

You’re right. If its more than what you on the screen. Thats why I asked. But it doesnt seem that ghere are any people here who knows the actual caps, based on the lack of response. Perhaps @Ned, do you know these? Could you perhaps somehow get this info from the developers? Or maybe someone from Gamepress like @Piere87?

Thanks in advance.

I believe it’s double the visual cap. For example, my Ptera shows 25k, but I really have 36k. I can tell what my actual cap is when I fuse the hybrid.

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Thanks, Piere87! And also thanks for the tip to see your actual DNA.

The actual DNAs cap for common dinos DNAs is 500k. After 500k whatever that you collected will not be stored, but will count towards daily or Alliance missions.

The actual cap for Rare dinos DNAs is 200k.

The actual cap for Epic dinos DNAs is 100k.

Thanks, @fsufian. So its seems that you and hand Pierre are confirm8ng the same thing. Thats great coming from 2 sources. Thanks again!