DNA cost error?

Ludia, why is Glythronax 12,400 dna more than Cerazinosauras? When Cerazinosauras has like 3k more health and like 1k more damage!?!?

Mostly because it’s new. More than likely in a couple of weeks it will have an adjustment to its stats and cost. This seems to be the pattern with any new hybrid that comes out. There are a few scenarios I can think of on why this happens.

  1. The employees at Ludia that create the hybrid are brand new every time they create one, they have no access to the game while creating the hybrid stats, and they have no knowledge of the other creatures in the game other than the two Ludia has presented to them for hybridization.

  2. Ludia knows that a new creature is highly sought after so they increase the cost for a bit.

  3. the group that creates the Hybrids are not the best at math so ratios are a bit tough for them and the concept of value in relation to the other creatures is something they haven’t grasped yet (because of the math issue).

My money is on option 2 since I believe most folks at Ludia know what they are doing and are fairly capable humans.


They’d have to admit that mathematics isn’t their strong point. Just look at the Code 19s for example. Pretty much the only amount of dna you can’t get is what they tell you you can win.


LOL I really laughed at #3. Yes, it may seem counterintuitive but programmers are most definitely not always very good at math. But I agree that #2 is more likely why they seem to consistently do this. If it was just bad math, it wouldn’t be such a common thing with new hybrids.

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