DNA dart boosts - double dna when darting

Rather than adding something that looks like pokemon?

What about winning dart boosts, so you can double your DNA capture for those pesky seen once in a while, far better than incense, and you still have the skill challenge to make enough darts. Maybe max out at x2 or allow x4 collections?


hmmm good idea but how can ludia make money off of this…? SUPER DARTS!! they will sell you a 140 pack of super darts that give 2x dna… 1000 cash each :grin:

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I’ve also thought of this before. It would get me out playing more. Include it with the dinos of the week. Have one day where there are no green drops but double DNA instead.

Or even buying a scent for cash where it gives double DNA that can be stacked with green drops.

I’ve always thought they should do a double DNA day each month, just to motivate more people to go hunt. Or something like that just to add some fun and make people happy.

Even if they did do this double your dna dart day , many of us would still see it as pointless when you have boosts which will raise the strength , health and attack of a lower level Dino without making you face higher level players in the arena .
And , as mentioned earlier , if there’s no money to be made from it then Ludia certainly wouldn’t offer it would they ?

I still collect DNA for when it gets fixed, (They have to fix it eventually even if it’s only to make money.) 1.8 hybrid prep, and getting future team members up to team strength.
Collecting DNA should still be a thing.
As far as we know, match making is one of the 125 bug fixes.
“Ludia is great at communication” said no one ever.