DNA DE-FUSE (new game mechanic idea)

Dear ludia and all of the community,

So I had this idea that would help higher level players to not get bored and have something more to do like raids . This is the De-Fuse, similar to the Fuse BUT you get the ingredients of a hybrid. You use 10 DNA of the hybrid you want to defuse, and you get 50 to 100% (50, 60,70,80,90,100) of the dna needed.

Example : You have 40 DNA of an indoraptor, You defuse that DNA and you can get from 100 Indominus Rex DNA and 4000 Velociraptor DNA to 200 I.Rex and 8000 Velociraptor DNA.

Note: No XP will be given from the defuse and it will cost the same amount of coins as the Fuse, It will be unlockable at level 18 (Same as apex raids) and you can defuse even if the ingredient’s dna is more than the next upgrade requirement. (Example, if you have 20k Velociraptor dna, you can still defuse indoraptor with no limit and get that dna to 100k).

Thank You for reading this
I think it will be a great addition. :blush:


Great idea!

Also, it will be cool if apex dna could also be “de-fused” lol I’ve seen people with level 30 apexs. they do raids just to help. would be nice if that dna could be de-fused into something… for example Morthem Rex defuses into any large theropod or into t-rexes.


How does it affect the level of said creature? Does the de-fuse only affect extra DNA?

It wont affect the level, it will be just the extra dna, if it could remove levels, a lot of people wouldn’t need to dart, or even play the game to unlock a new hybrid with using one of the same ingredients. For example purrutaurus, some people may have it very high level, even max, if they could remove 15 levels, that would be enough for them to unlock a pretty goood level of indotaurus, and even if the gameplay is fun, it wont give u the same enjoyment as doing it by yourself, and keeping all the other progress uve made.

Yes, that’s one good use too, different Apex will give different dna type, or maybe be like Incubators, for 10 dna, some common, rare, epic, and legendary (Para lux) dna, depending on the evnt week.