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DNA disappeared¡

i requested tany, and I “got” 1000 DNA, but I darted and then the DNA changed to 600…this happened several times already with different dinos. how can i get my DNA back?
image image
you can see the donation and daily incubator timers advance

Don’t worry , you will get it when you collect it , been there and I get the donations even if it says 0.

I just got 600,
once happened with nodo, said 108, changed to 68, just got the 68

This is actually a known glitch. The bar will often show the wrong number until you exit the game, dart something, or battle, at which point it updates to show the correct amount.

Hey there, @Blue1, I’m sorry to hear that the displayed DNA values changed so suddenly and drastically! Restarting your app will usually set the DNA back to the appropriate amount, but our support team would also be glad to take a closer look at your account and investigate this on your behalf! Reach out to them at, including your support key so they can find you more quickly in their system. Thanks!