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DNA display limits

What is the DNA limit for Legendaries? I recently hit 10k of P Lux, and it now says just “10,000+/300”. How can I tell how many I really have, and what is the max limit on that?

I know Commons show 250k and you can have up to 500k. Only way to tell the real number is through DNA requests or number of hybrid spins available. Both are Impossible to do for Lux, though.

Do I just not even bother darting then any more?

I’d keep darting it anyway. If you haven’t already, level it up to at least level 20

Common: 500.000 (250.000)
Rare: 200.000 (100.000)
Epic: 50.000 (25.000)
Legendary: 20.000 (10.000)
Unique: 5.000 (4.000)

Visual cap is in (), proper cap is without.


Thanks. Interesting they are all double except unique.

Also, do you know any way to check the current level of DNA then? The other dinos have a workaround, but p lux is weird with no hybrid.

No. You only see it when someone requests DNA for it.