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DNA donations counter

Suggestion for Ludia:
A counter to see how many times each member donated.

  • The alliance members should be able to see the number of times each member donated. Maybe using some kind of points, for example, 1 point for common DNA and 3 points for rare DNA (if epic DNA will become available one day, will count as 5 points).
  • This counter should reset every week along with the alliance missions, for example.

Doesn’t make sense to have inactive members in an Alliance where only 50 members are allowed.
There are also people who only make requests and doesn’t help others…

This would help the alliance leaders to improve their alliance choosing members that really helps other members and the alliance goals.

Something like this that I did with Photoshop:

What do you say, Ludia?
Who’s with me? :slight_smile:


I am - definitely.

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I like how you made your team leader look good :slight_smile: haha

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All leaders must show a good example to their alliance members. :smiley:

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Unfortunately, this would make me look like a bad leader because there’s a lot of times where I simply don’t have enough to donate. Cool idea, otherwise!


When you can collect your DNA, you can click the ‘I’
icon, and see who donated.
How did u not know?

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That’s not the point of the original post.

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Yeah I know that, but my suggestion is very different.
When you click the (i), only you can see who donated.
This is to ALL people see how many DNA each member donated.


This is soo needed so I can purge my alliance of a group that requests but never donates!

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For multiple requests?
If someone doesnt donate, you will see that, so you don’t need to see who didnt, because you wont find that person on there.

Some people just wanna be in an alliance. I dont care if someone donates, I just wanna see if they are active.
If you people are strict to the point you ban people for not donating, then I shouldn’t hang around here…

Lol I give out like 20k DNA a day I’m sorry but if ppl are just gonna farm me and not contribute to me or other members they get das boot!!! I’m talking real DNA like Kapro, vrap, steg, trike dilopho gen2 etc all the stuff that barely spawns. Not interested in stalling my account progress to feed lazy spoofs!!!


I think people just want to hang out in an alliance.
I dont make my alliance members follow strict instructions, but I do enforce them!

And if you give out that much DNA, you probably dont need it back. Knowing u do 20k a day, that would be like giving a country a billion dollars for no reason, and asking for 2 billion back.

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It’s called helping each other not just making constant demands and giving nothing

What about “number of times donated” rather than DNA donated? You might only donate a bunch of nundasuchus DNA to the new member but this doesn’t reflect how generous you really are with more needed donations.

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Yeah I thought the same too, maybe instead of counting the DNA value, to count per each time someone clicks the donate button. I think is the best, otherwise, we will see huge numbers in the counters.


We need to be able to monitor if they just giving out trash DNA too! The people that cheat in this game know no limits to their treachery!

great idea i love it. Hope that ludia consider your idea

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Exhibit A. the infinite resource generation loophole with recent alliance quests which is why the rewards delayed for everyone!!!