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DNA donations counter


Thank you, @kuroixx! I hope so too :slight_smile:
Most people too, I think.


I like this! And/or just the ability to see how often people donate. That can be as telling as how much people give. Not everyone has the same affordability as the next person, but it’d be nice to see they’re at least trying


I’m all about the idea that this covers number of times donated.

Also, if you aren’t about a “sharing” alliance, join one that doesn’t do dna sharing.


EDIT: The alliance members should be able to see how many DNAs a member gave OR the number of times donated. In the last one, maybe using some kind of points, for example, 1 point for common DNA and 3 points for rare DNA (if epic DNA will become available one day, will count as 5 points).


I’d rather have the amount of coins gained from donations. That would take into account the difference between common and rare DNA, which is the only flaw I see that counting just DNA or amount of donations has.

Other than that, we need more tools to administrate the alliance. An extra tier besides Leader and member, in case the leader is not online. On our alliance we ended up rotating the leader role between 3 people, but it would be much better for us 3 to be able to handle things at all times.

Also, more of a personal rant, I’m a bit tired of rejecting applications when the alliance is clearly full and the description says where they should go if they want to be in line for a spot.
Full alliances shouldn’t appear on the suggested list.


@Jorge, any chance to apply this into the game? :slight_smile:


Needs to work like clash of clans where you can see received and donated troops, in this case DNA. So you can see who is giving and receiving


But there’s another problem, that is, not all locals are created equal.

For instance, I live in local 4, currently there aren’t many useful dinos around here other than spinosaurus, so I may not have enough useful DNA compared to people who live in other locals, this doesn’t mean I don’t want to donate, it’s just people don’t need the DNA from me.


That would be cool although probably a lot of people will start bully others. Also, the majority is aiming for the same dinos (rare: draco/tuoji/irri, common: thor/velo/stego) and people are simply running out of dna. What could be more incentivising though imo, is to raise the coin amount for the donations.


@Jorge, any chance to have this feature in the game? :slight_smile:


Also add a last logged in date like right under their names or near that area and we’d be golden!


I second this. We can kick out useless members who never donates at all