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DNA drops to zero- where did it go?

Twice in the last week or so I went to spend DNA and noticed it was zero. I initially thought I had spent it but purchases are round numbers and additions can be odd like 22 for a trade. Like now I have 17,211. So when it happened again yesterday I reported it. Anyone else have this issue?

I’ve never heard or seen anything like that

It is a known problem according to support desk. They gave me a credit while they work on it.

Do you mean your dna completely went to 0? Or just the end of your dna was rounded to 0?

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Yes just dropped to zero. I had like 12,000 disappear. Not sure exactly but went to use in creation lab and had none.


That’s really strange, cant say that’s ever happened to me, what have support said?

It happened to me twice. The first time I lost about 2k dna and the support gave me it back. The second time it happened (like 3 days ago and 4K dna) support said it was a one time credit and they won’t do it again. So I lost my 4K dna. Support told me too that they are aware of the issue and are working for a fix.

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Just had it happen to me. Lost about 10k DNA :confounded:

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Hi there OstaposaurusBae. You can email our team at with your support key included. They’ll be more than happy to assist!

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Ok I did. Is there a way to stop it from happening again? I want to save my DNA fir Tourney Hybrids but now fear that this might be a reoccurring issue, which would impact that goal.

Yep. At least I got to buy 1 Dakoderma on discount before it happened (unless it caused it?) and so I can hold off on a few days while support gets back to me.

At least it wasn’t the 40k that I originally had… or worse… 100k+ :grimacing:

From what I know from talking to support they are working on a fix but they don’t know when it will be released. And there is also no “short-term” fix as far as support told me. Also support told me that they can only give you the DNA back one time, so once you lose it again I guess your out of luck.

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Yeah that’s what I fear since I’m trying to save up my DNA to higher amounts, for Tourney Hybrids.

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