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DNA Exchange


Many people ask for donation of epic DNAs. I think it would be interesting a function that would allow the exchange of DNAs instead of donating. For example, I need 50 Ankylosaurus and someone needs 50 Sinoceratops, so we could make that exchange. It would be interesting.

How would you guys feel about a DNA Exchange system being implemented into the game?

Totally Agree!


That’s how I imagined dna requests would be. I have a ton of epic dna I don’t use (eg baryonyx) that others may want, and there is always something I need.

Though I wonder if Ludia never gave us epic DNA exchanging because we would progress too quickly. Less reason to spend money on scents, incubators, OTOs, etc.


This method, while seemingly simple and efficient could lead to more wide spread cheating. To the point that if you didn’t cheat you’d never get a pvp tournament award.


Although trading DNA helps, you get so little ultimately as it seems less for Rares than Common’s that I don’t think it would make a huge difference to allow Epic trading. I get not doing Legendary and Unique but Epic should be tradable.


Depends on the limits. If you’re still only allowed two trades a day, and the most epic DNA you can collect is 100, it would still take a long time to get anywhere. It would mostly just be helpful for those “I’m one fuse away from leveling and I’m short 17 DNA! :tired_face:” moments.


The idea is good, OP… but honestly we have much more to worry about that needs to be fixed before having epic dna trading available :pensive::man_facepalming:


Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I wish I could trade in extra DNA from some creatures to get coins or cash. I know we have the option to give DNA to alliance members, but for me I don’t have many people in my alliance and even then the trade is very limited and is specific to which DNA you can give. I have so much DNA for a bunch of dinos that either don’t have hybrids or that I can happily get rid of thousands of DNA from, so it would be nice to be able to trade in some DNA for a fair amount of coin since it takes so long to grind for.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would you like for Ludia to implement a sort of resource-trading market?