DNA for Cash

Seeing how much extra DNA we are starting to build up, is it time for allow us to return different Dino’s DNA for cash.

Common, i have at least one Dino that is passing the 250K mark. But i know of several others who have several dinos with such amounts.

More so with the higher rarities, you begin to run into different issues.

So let’s start with the obvious.

Uniques and Apex.

As once you get them to level 30, what then? Monthly tournaments, Raiding and week events bring so more DNA. Meaning soon you could have 500 Unique dna you shall never use. Or 300 Apex DNA if you don’t stop raiding once you reach level 30. At least not unless Ludia decides to up the level cap.

Now for the other four

Now yes, you can use Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. But still there is a point when you are not going to need new DNA. There are several Dino’s i see them on events list and just go, well i am not sure how much i am going to be darting for the first few days this week. Raptor being one of the biggest ones.

Now what should the cost per DNA be.

Well it could be similar to that of Requests in alliances, and just as often every 6 hours.

1:1 Coin to DNA
2,000 DNA Limit with 2000 coins

1:4 Ratio DNA to Coin
500DNA - 2000 coins

1:20 Ratio DNA to Coin
200DNA - 4000 coins

1:80 Ratio DNA to Coin
50 DNA - 4000 Coins

1-400 Ratio DNA to Coin
20 DNA - 8000 Coins

1 - 800 Ratio DNA to Coin
10 DNA - 8000 Coins

These are what i would do. Of course this would allow those who want to build up fast, to do so, but at risk they might not have the DNA for new fusions. But on the flip side, it means more people will be more active trying to Dart Dino that have not darted in ages.