DNA from battle and 1 time offers


Hello :blush: i love the game.

I have a question about the dna you get in difrent areanas i keep getting the commen dna from training Ground but i was in the arena 4. and rare from arena 2 the epic Also waries… is this on purpes ? Its just that i cant realy use it and i was realy hopping too get some long neck dna i didnt :pensive: i tjeked before opening it and it was defently a arena 4 epic incubater but i Got tricertops .wont let me post more than 1 pic.

Is this how its supose too bee ???

Great game we love it … loved it alot last nigth with all them new stops :+1:t2: This morning it was reduced 50% :disappointed: please put them back …:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:

And its the same with 1 time offers i constently get the above and then theres this one .


When you’re Rank 1 - you can only get Rank 1 Dino’s from the incubators, then at Rank 2 you can get the Rank 1 AND 2 Dinos… etc etc


Its just i have seen ppl talk about loosing on purpes to rank down to get specifik dna does that work ?


I think it’s more the fact that if you’re over powered in a lower rank (i.e loose heaps on purpose just to drop it) the battles are easier for you to win, therefore you get the incubators faster and more often.


I think you did not answer the question.
If I am in Arena level 2, Ankylosaurus is the Epic dino from the incubator.
Now if I drop down to Arena 1, can I still get Anky or can I only get Tyrannosaurus, which is the epic dino for Arena level 1?


It depends on what level incubators you’re opening - the incubators tell you what level arena they came from.

So if you drop down to level 1, but still have some old incubators left over, then you can get Anky from that - but any incubators you get from the level 1 arena will only yield a T-Rex…

Does that make sense?


Yup i understand now … sure wish i could be free of getting this one :unamused:

It would be awsome if we could choose our selvfs whut dna awailebel we want at least commen and rare. I have no desire of getting more gorgosourer dna it spawns everywhere ( spelled) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but that amargusour ( long neck with spikes on :heart_eyes: i adore that one :heart_eyes: )
its my favorit herbivorer . Thats the rare dna i want but i get the “ crock dna :pensive: useless :unamused: