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DNA from Boss Events Poll

This is a poll regarding how much DNA you guys mostly make from boss events,since I am sure they will give lots of DNA. How many missions do you guys typically complete ? If possible,I would like to know how much DNA you guys make in the replies.

  • 15-30 Missions
  • 31-60 Missions
  • More than above options
  • Less than 15
  • None

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I do 10 a day for the SDNA rewards.

If the tournament goes well for me, I’ll keep going than too. I play about every 7 hours for tournaments, I sometimes will use my VIPs during hour 3 of the cool down to complete other missions, I might do that to continue.

It is all about the SDNA. The ROI on the regular DNA vs DB for me goes down pretty fast after the boss damage goes to 200,000 for DNA. My max damage is about 18K for a full 8 attack.

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:+1:Ok. I have gotten about 2700 DNA from the battles I have done so far. How much DNA do you get mainly from what you do?

I fight him with 3x lvl 40 metrophadon and speed up there recovery like 20 times a day against this guy. So i get tons of DNA.

I think you can get around 20,000 DNA total.

There are only so many damage missions available, and aren’t difficult once you hit a certain point of high attack dinosaurs. The biggest payout damage mission wise is like 3-4,000 DNA.

My method is usually to go in with the goal to get stomped while completing missions. I try to keep the boss at level 1-2 as it makes the “block all attacks, block x attack points” missions drastically easier. The 400-800 DNA missions add up fast.


For example:

So I can get two and a half of these done in one battle.

So I use my weakest dinos to get these missions accomplished and just try to get my dinos KO’d quickly.

End up doing no damage and get missions finished without making salamander stronger.


Listen to potato. That is exactly what I do.

This boss is a really LONG event. Don’t rush it.

If you run out of missions, I’m not sure if you get “extra” to get the daily SDNA.

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