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DNA Fuses bug after 2.4 update

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Bug Description: I think there may be a new bug with the DNA fuses after the update 2.4.
Area bug was found in: DNA fuses
How do you reproduce the bug: DNA fuses
Step 1- New update installed. Clean install (previous version deleted). I have logged in. Newly refreshed app. App was closed and not running in background. On my iPhone.
Step 2 - New creature fuse. Last night I fuse Ankylocodon - 10, 10,20.
Step 3 - I think, okay good time to fuse something I really need. Something big coming up. I just finally reached 4,000 DNA on Diplodocus after months of FIP. Good time to fuse Geminititan to level up. Multifuse 5x = 90. Can’t happen again, something big coming. Mutifuse again 5x = 100. Can’t happen again. Multifuse again 5x = 90. Can’t happen again. I’m in this far, can’t quit now. One last Multifuse 5x = 100. 23 straight fuses and an average of 18.2 DNA. That is the worst I’ve ever seen. And what’s so devastating is that Diplodocus takes months of FIP to create. I wouldn’t give a crap on any other Dino but for this to happen with Diplodocus?!?! The game gods must hate me.
Step 4 - I noticed not a single fuse above 30.
Step 5 - I initially thought this was just bad luck. I posted about this to my alliance on Discord. To my utter surprise, several of them say they also have the same problem and didn’t witness a fuse above 30 since the update. If others are seeing this as well, it leads me to believe there’s a bug.
How often does it happen: every time. Before update, the average fuse was 22. This seems statistically unlikely to have 18.2 ave for 23 fuses.
What type of device are you using: iOS - iPhone and iPad.
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here). Nothing to add.
BLUEE #4677
Player Level 20
Alliance: MmmNoodleSoup

I have gotten a 30 fuse since the update. Several times actually. That’s not a bug that’s just bad luck.



I’ve been doing ok… :man_shrugging:

This has happened with me too, Ive been fusing indoraptor, and the max dna I’ve ever fused is 30!

You on iOS or Android?

Anything higher than 30 is what I said. Any 40 or higher? You on iOS or Android?

Carno - You on iOS or Android?

I’m on IOS

I’m on android, I did several multi-fuses last night and I saw several things over 50 in those fuses lol

I got a 100 on Monolometrodon today

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So this may be an iOS bug, like the raid invite bug. So far, I haven’t come across anyone with iOS that has gotten big fuses. Only the Android folks seem unaffected.

iOS or Android Qaw?

I’m on iOS. Like I said, I got a 100 on Monolometrodon. If I go and fuse something like Purrolyth I can probably get more 30+ fuses.

It’s not a bug. It’s bad luck lol. You can’t think it’s a bug from a very small data set of your alliance and your fuses.

I get it. I had read that article months ago about fuses. I work in the science field. I understand small data sets and research. I’m just throwing this out there. Sometimes coincidences are not coincidences.
What if it was a bug? Do you wait to say something after it affects thousands? Or do you raise your hand early?

Got 500 on a 20 multi fuse today and one of them was 100. Think its just bad luck.

Thanks. It may be. You were on iOS, correct?

Welcome to my world. I have averaged no more than 15 on any unique in months. Takes 23 fuses to unlock Gemini, and 20 to unlock Monolorhino. Its not new just stinks, I have two friends that play that we can start fusing with the same amount of DNA they will unlock the unique and probably get it up a level, and I won’t even get close to unlocking the creature. Only luck I have ever had is working towards the Apexes I have a little more DNA than what my teammates have. People saying its random with to small of a sample size don’t have a clue. I can even do 250 fuses on Rare and will end up with an average of 20.

Which operating system? iOS or Android?

I’m on Android. But that’s definitely not the problem. My wife is to and her averages aren’t anywhere near that low.